Mobile Web West Africa 2011 has come and gone – an event that many will not forget for a long time. It was two days


Looking Back at Mobile Web West Africa 2011

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Mobile Web West Africa 2011 has come and gone – an event that many will not forget for a long time. It was two days of rich presentations, discussions and networking for stakeholders in the mobile industry. Yomi Adegboye was Chairperson for Day 2, and brought what was already an exciting event to a grand end.


Here are a few images from the event.

mwwa2011 yomi atconpresident
Yomi Adegboye (Mobility Nigeria) and ATCON President, Mr. Titi Omo-Ettu, discussing strategies. ATCON is pushing a youth IT empowerment seminar in conjuction with Mobility Nigeria and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria. Coming soon.
mwwa2011 dayo deon yomi
L-R: Dayo Olutunfese (MobilityNigeria), Deon Liebenderg (Regional Director, Sub Sahara Africa, RIM), and Yomi Adegboye (Mobility Nigeria) having a chat
mwwa networking
From Right: Yomi, Hakon Lawal-Solarin ( and other participants chatting
mwwa2011 jared matthew yomi
Left-Right: Jared Cohen (Director, Google ideas), Matthew Dawes (MD, All Amber, organisers), and Yomi (Mobility Nigeria) discussing impact of mobile in social and political systems globally
mmwa2011 day2 chairman opening
Yomi delivering Chairman's opening comments on Day 2
mwwa2011 day2 panel
Panel in session. Left-Right: Yomi Adegboye (Chairperson), Gustave Praekelt (MD, Praekelt Foundation), Emeka Okoye (CEO, Vikantti Nigeria), Gbenga Sesan (ED, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria), and Jared Cohen (Director, Google Ideas)
mwwa2011 mobilitynigeria stand
It was all gadgets and mobileRave at the Mobility Nigeria stand

A few things that will interest you:


RIM/Blackberry’s Plans for Nigeria

Dayo and Yomi had interesting discussions with RIM officials who are in Nigeria. We can tell you that RIM have solid plans for Nigeria. We discussed the recent opening of the Blackberry AppWorld to the country, as well as certain future releases.

Beyond just opening up AppWorld to Nigeria, RIM has also opened all APIs to Nigerian developers. So if you are one, get up and go do something now. Develop those apps! Note too that the developer fee of $200 is being waived for three (3) months. Develop your apps and submit them to the AppWorld for free.


Also, RIM are giving out one free Playbook to developers who cut the mustard. According to RIM:

Developers who create a qualifying application for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet prior to its initial North American release are eligible for a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The main criterion to qualify for the free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer is to have a qualifying application accepted into BlackBerry App World™, subject to certain Terms and Conditions.

Go get in touch with RIM and be creative now!

We must also say this: if you have not seen the Playbook, please hush. Its not like anything else out there. Anything.


ATCON, Mobility Nigeria & Paradigm Initative Nigeria to Partner on Youth Empowerment

A plan for youth empowerment seminars is in the works. Being pushed by ATCON, Mobility Nigeria and Paradigm Initative Nigeria will be the driving agents. Watch this space.

Samsung Devices coming to Mobility Nigeria?

Dayo Olutunfese had discussions with Oyekanmi Bolade (Assistant Manager – HHP, Samsung West Africa). In effect, we should soon be getting review phones from Samsung. That must be great news for you Bada and Android fans out there.

Apps Reviews Coming to Mobility Nigeria

We had discussions with a number of developers, and we sure will be bringing you news and reviews of their apps here at Mobility Nigeria.


mobileRave is off the press

Yup; you heard right! Our magazine, mobileRave is out and we used the occassion of Mobile Web West Africa to showcase it. The feedback that we have received has been very warm and exciting.

If you have subscribed, expect your copy shortly, now that we are back to the office today after two hectic days of MWWA.


We’d love to thank everyone who was involved at MWWA 2011 – and especially the organisers, All Amber (Matthew Dawes was a great host), and we look forward to partnering with them in future endeavours.

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  2. Nice event, I like what Samsung and Rim are doing.

    Am sure that is a Blackberry PlayBook that Deon Liebenderg is holding.

    Hope you pushed the idea of we having access to paid apps in the Android Market to Jared Cohen?

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