Looking for Google Play Store at Ikeja

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A little humour doesn’t hurt….. I came across this and thought to share (I have edited the original story mildly for clarity).

​I have been laughing since morning when a pretty girl stopped me at Ikeja bus stop in Lagos and told me that she was looking for Google Play Store.

Dumbfounded, I asked her, “Google Play Store, how?”

She told me the story of how the WhatsApp application on her smartphone stopped working and how her neighbour told her to go to Play Store to download a new one. So, here she was looking for Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

Being the good Samaritan that I am, I told her Playstore was no longer located at Ikeja and has been relocated to Ajah on the other side of Lagos.

I then put her on a bus going to Ajah. Good deed for the day done.



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