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Download ringtones made by Mister Mobility using Loop, a cool app that lets you rap, sing and mix.

Nokia has released a new cool app that transforms your N8 and C7 into a mini music studio. From Nokia Conversations – It allows you to create your own tunes using the device’s microphone and the sounds from your own life. We’ve been using it for just a couple of weeks and it has been a lot of fun.

Download Ringtones by Mister Mobility made with Loop

When you start the app, there’s the usual choice of opening an existing file or starting a new one. If you choose the latter option, then there’s a choice of ten background beats to choose from, or you can make your own, if you’re really ambitious.

Loop takes care of the timing and pitch of your samples, by the way, so they’ll fit in with your background beat seamlessly. You can mix layer after layer of sounds and the results can be really amazing, depending on how creative you are.

Download Ringtones By Mister Mo

Besides tech, I have some music streak in me too, so I gave it a go one morning several weeks ago. The results? Download the sample MP3 file that I produced and see if indeed my dream music career is not on its way! PS: Yes; that voice is mine. Tehehehehe

Update: I just added another one I did one boring Saturday morning that ended not so boring. It is a remix with some rap and rhythm 😀

  1. Yomi’s Remix by Mister Mobility

    Download (File Size: 294KB MP3): Yomi’s Remix – MobilityNigeria via Loop

  2. Every Step Mix by Mister Mobility

    Download (File Size: 312KB MP3): Every Step Mix – MobilityNigeria via Loop

I hope you enjoy the ringtones. I much prefer the one titled “Yomi’s Remix”. Which is your preferred?

Yes; Loop is available for download in the Ovi Store on your device, so go download your copy and try out some of those dream music productions of yours too. And just in case you do not have a Nokia N8 or C7 yet, sorry.


  1. @Yomi,

    That loop wasn’t half bad, I’ll listen to it properly on my pc when I get home. It even sounds like you had at least two voice layers going on there. Sounds like a very fun app to have.

    @Nokia. Couldn’t you throw us a bone and port it to humbler devices, like an E63 maybe? We already feel like second class mobile citizens without N8 users turning DJs on us 🙂

  2. It even sounds like you had at least two voice layers going on there.

    Actually, there are three voice layers there. Some of the effects you hear in the background was my voice. You can add multiple layers of tracks and voice recordings.

  3. This will be very useful for me considering the fact that I always like to have a unique ring tone.

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