If you love mobile gaming, Razer has big plans for you

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Mobile gaming is the most profitable aspect of mobile app development and Nextbit wants to be the go-to smartphone maker for mobile gamers like you.

When Razer acquired Nextbit, it probably wasn’t obvious what their game plan was. To be honest, there are a thousand and one smartphone brands out there already and Nextbit wasn’t exactly making a dent in the smartphone market in its former life. But the company has spilled the beans. Mobile gaming is their focus.

Razer says that they do not see any mobile device or software platform that really fulfills the needs of the mobile gamer. I agree. Nokia and Sony Ericsson used to be the mobile brands that made an effort to cater to mobile gamers. Sony Ericsson had their Playstation and Nokia had the Ngage, among other models that were optimised for gaming.

Nokia Ngage

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - Playstation

So, Razer is trying to address that market. We wonder what they will come up with. A smartphone with a new form factor or a modification of the slab form factor we are all used to or a strictly mobile gaming device?

Mobile Gaming Is Hot

Razer seem to be on to something, to be sure. Gaming is hot on mobile. It is by far the most profitable aspect of mobile apps. Whether it is racing games, word games, casino games, or whatever other kind of games there are, tons of mobile users have gaming as a core activity on their smartphones.

Indeed, it looks like there is a huge opportunity ready to be taken in this area. We have great camera phones. There are humongosaurus battery phones. And then we have rugged phones. There are phones focused on other needs. Perhaps it is time to have great gaming phones again.

How Prepared Is Razer For This?

Before acquiring Nextbit earlier this year, in 2015, Razer had acquired a company that made Android games. The company’s name was Ouya. Ouya had released a home video game console that ended up a commercial flop before the Razer take-over. Razer itself specializes in PC hardware for gamers. The picture looks good.

It must be said that Nextbit’s announcement of targeting mobile gamers does not necessarily mean that it will produce smartphones for gamers, but rather accessories or stand-alone mobile gaming devices like Ouya’s products were. Razer isn’t spilling out the details right now, but we will find out soon enough.

OUYA Console for mobile gaming


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