If your smartphone is low RAM or low app storage, there are apps you can run in your mobile browser so you don’t have to install them…

Low App Storage? Use these apps in your mobile browser instead

If your smartphone is low RAM or low app storage, there are apps you can run in your mobile browser so you don’t have to install them at all. That way you can avoid most of the low storage errors that many low-end phones throw up these days.


Many times, those errors come from having too many apps installed in the small internal storage or too many apps running at the same time in the background. If you choose to use your mobile browser instead of installing some apps, you will be able to keep your smartphone running smoother and get less out of memory errors.

Low App Storage and apps


Apps you can use in your browser to avoid low app storage errors

Here are a few basic apps that function in your mobile browser as well as they would do if installed and run from inside your phone.

  1. Facebook: Facebook has a very functional mobile web version. You will hardly miss the app.
    Just point your mobile browser to: mobile.facebook.com.
  2. Instagram: Instagram has always been mobile only. Oh, there is a desktop website, but you can’t do much on it. All the fun is in the app and in the mobile website. Point your mobile browser to instagram.com to login and start uploading photos and videos.
  3. Twitter: Twitter’s lite app is a data-efficient website for mobile phones. mobile.twitter.com
  4. LinkedIn: The new mobile web version of LinkedIn looks and feels cool. It has all the features of the mobile app, so you don’t miss anything if you access it in your mobile browser instead. Just go to: linkedin.com
  5. Google Plus: Google Plus was born ready for mobile web usage. Just point your mobile browser to plus.google.com.
  6. Mobile Banking Apps: Most likely, your internet banking service has a mobile web version that works very well. You can comfortably use that without installing the app on your phone. Find the mobile web address from your bank and use that instead.

Try Lite Apps Too

To cut down on the space taken up by apps on your phone, you can look for apps that have a lite version. Lite apps are smaller than regular apps in size and consume less internet data. These apps include: Skype Lite (officially available only in India, but you can find the download on reputable app download sites), Shazam Lite, among others. Facebook also has a lite app, though the last time we checked, it was an ugly piece of work.

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