Lowest Priced 3G Phones Available

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Almost all GSM networks in the country have 3G up and running at the moment. MTN and GloMobile are on. Zain is yet to officially launch, but the technology is there.

One of the issues at stake for both subscribers and operators is the availability of 3G phones. For the one, cost of acquisition is an issue. If the phones are too expensive, then uptake and usage of 3G services will remain insignificant.

To help you, we have put together a concise list of the lowest priced 3G mobile phones in the market today. One thing runs through though, not one of them costs below N20,000; so brace up!

Nokia 6233
nokia 6233
6mb built-in memory; Micro-SD slot
2 MP camera
FM Stereo
Average Cost: N23,000.00

Nokia 6120
nokia 6120
S60 3rd Edition smartphone
35mb built-in memory; Micro-SD slot
2 MP camera
FM Stereo
Average cost: N25,000.00

Sony Ericsson K770i
sonyericsson k770
16mb built-in memory; External Memory slot
3.2 MP camera
FM Stereo
Average Cost: N23, 000.00

Sony Ericsson K810i
sonyericsson k810
64mb built-in memory; External Memory slot
3.2 MP camera
FM Stereo
Average Cost: N26, 000.00

Our Recommendation

There’s not much to choose from in terms of price, but if you are looking for really high-speed access, we recommend the Nokia 6120. Its HSDPA functionality means you get up to 3.6 mbps, while all the others are limited to 3G speeds of 384 kbps maximum. Did we mention too that it is a smartphone?


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