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We have been talking about prospects of LTE here in Nigeria. LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution, and is a technology that delivers truly high-speed mobile internet beyond what current 3G technologies offer. A few Nigerian mobile networks have made the usual speeches about being ready to roll out. But we have heard a lot of that before. I would prefer that they launch first and then talk after that.

Anyway, I thought I would go hunting for information about operational commercial LTE networks around Africa while we wait for the Nigerian networks to walk the talk. Here is what I came up with:

1. Movicel, Angola – launched in April 2012
2. MTC Namibia – May 2012
3. Orange, Mauritius – June 2012
4. Vodacom, South Africa – October 2012
5. MTN, South Africa – November 2012
6. Cell C, South Africa – 2013
7. Telkom Mobile, South Africa – 2013

We have seven commercial LTE networks already up and running across the continent. South Africa has four of those. Impressive! Nigeria has none yet.


  1. Saiddigie, Swift broadband and other ISPs in Nigeria eg Mobitel, Spectranet, etc, brandishing the 4G title are nothing but noise makers. There is no 4G or LTE service in Nigeria as of today. Shikena!

  2. Good1 Ayodele,

    Its just branding not 4G at all.

    I believe the 4G issue in Nigeria is more of license from NCC.

    RT @bosun99uk: Nigeria Communications Commission has expressed its readiness and plans to auction 4G Spectrum licenses in the country

  3. Even if LTE is launched in Nigeria, how will we know if it’s real LTE and not go the way of 3G – just the name but not the real thing?

    So long as they are able to get away with it, I won’t be convinced it’s real LTE unless our standards change.

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