Lumia 1520 Video: Flying a remote controlled helicopter

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remote controlled helicopter

Talking about technology for relaxation now, here is a short clip of a remote controlled helicopter in action. The batteries were almost fully run down, and DISCO/GENCO were at it again. I happened on the scene and did a short recording with the Nokia Lumia 1520. Note the video smoothness and clarity. Note the sharp, clear audio.

I have always wanted one of these since childhood, and this is my very first time of seeing one in action. Yay! Yes; at 40 going 41. Better late than never. No? As an adult, I still want and will get one. Maybe even many before I breathe my last.

  1. Mr Mo, you recorded this with your Red Lumia 1520, right? How come I’m seeing a hand with a red pointing at the helicopter in the video?

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