Lumia 520: The true champion of Windows Phone OS

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Lumia 520 colours

Microsoft has announced that the budget Nokia Lumia 520 has seen over 12 million activations since it hit the stores in April last year. That is an awesome figure for a smartphone that does not sit at the top of the pecking order. Everyone knew that the Lumia 520 was selling in droves. But this is the first time that we have a figure.

Funny enough, we never got a unit to review here at MOBILITY, though I had a brief encounter through an early adopter. I liked the phone immediately. We felt it was so good that it was one of the first smartphones we offered in our Deal Of The Week.

If ever one singular smartphone can be regarded as the greatest champion of Windows Phone, putting it in the hands of enough people for the platform to get noticed and appreciated, that honour has got to go to the unassuming Nokia Lumia 520. This is the Nokia 3310 of Windows Phone and a phone that will always hold a prominent place in the history of the platform.


  1. great entry level device and portal to the WP ecosystem. problem is Microsoft hasn’t built on the success of the 520, the 525 only doubled the RAM to 1 GB. there should be a device (or devices) a few notches higher. the 630/635 don’t feel like significant upgrades and I wouldn’t feel the need to leave my 520 for either device

  2. @3WT, I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t build on the much underestimated 620. I would have thought that the 630 or 635 would have at least kept the flash. I’m now curious as to whether they will release a 730 or similar.

  3. i believe the 625 was the upgrade of the 620, but they didn’t strike the right balance. the 630/635 release is really a sideways move. if the 730 has a great 4.3″-4.7″ screen, 1 GB RAM, decent processor and 16 GB ROM expendable memory i’m gonna get it

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