There are many things I can live with on a smartphone. A bad camera is not one of them. This weekend, my Lumia 950 threw


My Lumia 950 begs to be retired: camera error 0xA00F4271(0xC00D3704)

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There are many things I can live with on a smartphone. A bad camera is not one of them. This weekend, my Lumia 950 threw up a camera error 0xA00F4271(0xC00D3704). Finally, it appears that my good old Lumia 950 is due for retirement.


At an event last Saturday, I pulled out my Lumia 950 to capture a few good pictures. It is easily always the best camera phone available in the house at almost every event, after all. Launching the camera, I got no warning signs. I fired away the first shot and it just freezes. Nothing was captured. The display was blacked out. What was this?

Lumia 950 camera error 0xA00F4271


I tried to close the camera app; nada. I stabbed at the Home button again and gain to move away from the camera; nada. I had to wait till the issue resolved itself. Then I tried again and got the same problem, and then this time, as the camera crashed, it threw up the 0xA00F4271(0xC00D3704) error.

immediately after that, the phone rebooted itself.


What Is Camera error 0xA00F4271(0xC00D3704)?

I checked up the error. It is one that quite a number of users (usually Windows Insiders) have experienced since 2016, so apparently I have been lucky. I went after thread after thread of complaints without finding a solution. Even the official Microsoft help pages but it is bad news all the way: nobody has a solution.

And my heart sank.

As mentioned before, there are many issues I can live with on a smartphone: a faulty camera is out of the question. What is life without being able to capture the beautiful moment or the beautiful people that make it go round?


Warning Signs

I said earlier that the camera gave me no warning sign as I launched it. But in retrospect, I have seen warning signs for weeks before now. Sometimes after taking a photo with the Lumia 950 camera, the picture would not be available immediately in the gallery app. It would show up minutes later, and in some cases hours later.

Fair enough warning, if you ask me. But you know how it is when you are in love. Sometimes, the signs get ignored until it is too late;

Searching For A Top Camera Phone

It is clear that the Lumia 950 is due for retirement. There are a number of possible replacement smartphones out there that are candidates for its prized position in my life. When the replacement arrives, you all will hear.


How did your weekend go?

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  2. One of my favourite smartphones, so sad.

    I can live with a faulty camera bros Yomi 😁, you could kindly retire it into my hands.

  3. Weekend was great, Mister Mo, thanks. Hope you had a nice weekend too. Back to your Lumia phone, since the device still working, expect the camera, I think you should take to engineer, maybe they might find solution to it. I guess

  4. Oh! no Mr Mo. I feel for you. Get help.If no solution, there are good phones out there with better camera specs.

  5. app, app camera not working properly, perform reset, button reset is inactive. Therefore, I think this is a bug in the software after the last update

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