My Lumia 950 took its overheating to a new level today

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In my review of the Lumia 950, I had mentioned its overheating issues. It isn’t the first time that a Windows flagship was overheating. The Lumia 930 was its successor, and that heated up quite a bit too. This morning, however, the Lumia 950 took its overheating to a new level. I plugged it to charge after arriving my desk and went about my work. Some minutes later, I picked it up to look up something on it and almost dropped it. It was scalding hot!!

lumia950 bootup

I immediately took it off the charger and placed it on the desk to cool off. However, laying there by itself, the heating persisted, and then it displayed a battery empty animation and turned itself off. It has been about 20 minutes since that happened, but every time I pick up the device (note that it is turned off and there is air-conditioning in my office), it is still almost as hot as it was earlier.

At one time, I tried to turn it back on, but it stopped at the Microsoft logo and froze there for a while before shutting down again minutes later. As I type this, the Lumia 950 is still on my desk and oozing heat. Hopefully, it will calm down soon. Me sef don taya for Lagos heat, but no be like dis.

Update 1: After finally cooling down, I plugged the 950 back and it began heating up almost immediately – without the battery gaining any charge. Sigh.

Update 2 Dateline: 17th March: I have sent it down to Microsoft Care. I suspect that this misbehaviour has to do with the recent software update. Nothing a quick flash at Microsoft can’t resolve. I hope.

Update: My Lumia 950 was returned to me in good shape after the board was changed at the service centre. Though the phone still warms up significantly during prolonged internet usage, this extreme overheating situation has not happened again.


  1. Welcome to the Incendiary club!

    My Tecno Phantom AIII suddenly started overheating. Even when lying idle, you feel the warmth. Then, the battery would drain totally within one hour, used or not.

    I have done what any sensible man would do.. Dropped it off the Third mainland Bridge into the cool sea, and got myself a more cool_headed infinix Note.

    Life is too hot.!

  2. Mr Mo, I know you’re a very sensible man. But rather than go through the stress of dropping your Lumia all by yourself in the ocean, let me handle that for you…

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