Cameras: Lumia 950 vs TECNO Phantom 6 vs UMi Plus

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Three smartphones whose manufacturers are marketing as top notch camera phones. It is a line up of Lumia 950 vs TECNO Phantom 6 vs UMi Plus. On paper, each has one thing or the other remarkable about its camera. Have a look at what the three shooters bring to this fight:

  1. Lumia 950: 20 megapixel, autofocus camera, Carl Zeiss optics, with triple LED flash
  2. TECNO Phantom 6: 13 megapixel autofocus, Sony optics + Samsung 5MP fixed-focus dual camera, with dual LED flash
  3. UMi Plus: 13 megapixel autofocus camera, Samsung 3L8 sensor, with dual LED flash

We see big names in photography like: Carl Zeiss, Sony, and Samsung. This is an interesting line-up; don’t you think?

We pitched these camera phones against one another in an indoor office environment with decent fluorescent lighting. I had wolfed down a few slices of bread with Nutella and downed it with a mug of Nescafe when inspiration for the photo shoot struck like a bolt of lightning. Who says a full stomach doesn’t do wonders?

We left all settings in auto mode, exactly the way most people are likely to use the camera on the phones. One set of pictures were taken with flash activated on all three, and another set taken with flash turned off. How did it go? We will show you the photographs and leave it to you to deliver the verdict.

The Lumia 950 vs TECNO Phantom 6 vs UMi Plus Camera Shootout

With Flash

Here are the shots taken with LED flash turned on:

Lumia 950
TECNO Phantom 6
Umi Plus

No Flash

And here are the set of photographs taken with flash turned off on each smartphone:

Lumia 950
Phantom 6
Umi Plus

Lumia 950 vs Phantom 6 vs UMi Plus Camera Verdict

From the above camera phone shootout, which of these three smartphone is the best of the three at indoor photography? Which takes second place and which takes the rear? You tell us.


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