Lumia photo-fest: Starring 430, 535 and 930

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Lumia Photo-fest 430-535-930 horizontal

It is not everyday that we have a house full of Lumias here at the Arena. Today, we have three of them, representing different stages of the Lumia chain. Our readers are very familiar with the Lumia 930 from the days of Nokia. You are also likely very familiar with the Lumia 535, a budget model. And last, we have the Lumia 430, a new budget device sitting below the 535 in the food chain.

I took some photos just for the fun of it. Lumia fans will enjoy them. Hopefully, perhaps some non-Lumia fans will too. Please have a look at the rest of the photos below.

Lumia Photo-fest 430-535-930 focal 2

Lumia Photo-fest 430-535-930 focal

Lumia Photo-fest 430-535-930 focal 3

Lumia Photo-fest 430-535-930 rear

Lumia Photo-fest 430 535 930


  1. I am less thrilled about the Lumias because i have never been a fan though am about to be one now.

  2. I realise I take more pics with my Lumia than any other phone. I do like the 535 because it has the landscape of the 930 but not the weight.

    Now it would be nice to have a shoot out with all of them…

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