Who will be taking a Lyft in Waymo self-driving cars?

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Lyft is a cab-hailing service – pretty much like Uber, while Waymo is Google’s autonomous car division. The two companies are reported to have teamed up in a new deal and will be working together for self-driving cars. What happens when Lyft rides meet Waymo self-driving cars? Details of the deal are not clear yet, but this partnership will send ripples though the emerging self-driving auto industry.

Back in May 2016, Lyft and General Motors announced a partnership to begin the testing of self-driving cars. The following month, General Motors acquired self-driving-car startup Cruise Automation and has been testing autonomous cars.

waymo self-driving cars

Waymo Self-driving Cars

Of course, Waymo also has been pursuing multiple partnerships with other brands – including traditional auto makers – for testing and advancing self-driving cars. It has been tough going as automakers have been wary of software companies like Google. But Waymo has been able to work with Toyota, Lexus, Audi and Chrysler, and is said to be in talks with Honda. Waymo has built its own prototypes ground up. The cars are unmistakable.

As at 2016, Waymo self-driving cars had accumulated over 2 million miles of self-driving experience on public roads.

Meanwhile, Lyft’s main competitor, Uber, is pushing self-driving cars too. The company has been testing autonomous cars in Arizona, Pennsylvania and California. The cab hailing service has been deploying Volvo cars in its tests.

It is a frenzied race to the finish line. Waymo, Uber, General Motors are among the 22 brands that are at the forefront of testing self-driving cars. While Lyft hasn’t been exactly cutting edge, hopefully this deal means the brand can be welcomed to the club. It is safe to predict that – all other things being equal – the new Lyft partnership with Waymo will produce self-driving cabs in the nearest possible future.

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  1. Question: will a country like Nigeria that can not manage mere electricity ever witness self driving and other “exotic/ esoteric” things.. in my lifetime?

    How will LASTMA, FRSC, police, etc be able to continue to extort motorists and collect egunje if this kind of miracle should ever happen in obodo Nigeria?

    Would you trust a self driving car that has been worked on by Morufu the Rewire?

    Let’s keep watching..

  2. Would you trust a self driving car that has been worked on by Morufu the Rewire?


    But wrong question it is. Here’s a valid one: Would you entrust your self driving car to Morufu the Rewire?

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