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I listen to music a lot – at home, in the car, at work, everywhere and anywhere. I have a collection of over 1,000 tracks of a wide range of music genres.

Unfortunately, I do not always know all the lyrics of these songs. I ended up hunting down apps that can provide these lyrics.

Being a long time Symbian user, the app named Lyrics was what came to my rescue. While playing any song in the music player, launch Lyrics and it will pull down the lyrics of the song being played from a server and display to you. Lyrics also presents a brief profile of the musician and their other songs.


The app also has the option to search by title, artist or album.

On Android, I haven’t been able to find an app that works exactly like that. However, an Android app by the same name, Lyrics, is available though it functions differently. This one does not read what’s being played in the music player.


Launch the app and you are presented with a search box. Enter a name, song or album and it also pulls the lyrics from a server, if available and presents that. There is an option to save the lyrics to your device, which is quite useful.

I am sure that similar apps exist on other platforms. Are you a music lover like myself? How do you get the lyrics to your tracks on mobile?


  1. It’s actually available on android too & much cool as the lyrics notification appears on ur notication bar if the current track’s lyric is found. I tried it with the stock ICS music player on my sgs2…thanks for the info by the way.

  2. cool. Will download immediately. Lets take it a step further–SHAZAM– this app’ll blow your mind, a song u like but dont know who sang on radio, a movie or anywhere? Just launch d app and it’ll take care of d rest.

  3. Wow, very comprehensive review. I’m thinking about learning HTML5. I’m seeing more and more job/freelance listings asking for html5 media playerknowledge and so along with reading some of the online references you listed, I’m going to have to pick up the book as well. Really appreciated the chapter breakdowns.

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