M is for Marshmallow: Google reveals the identity of Android M

After it’s announcement earlier this year, the latest Android version “M” follows the last version “L” in alphabets. Google tradition stipulates that it’s named after a desert. Today, they finally revealed the what the letter “M” stands for : Marshmallow.

Android Marshmallow 

In a blog post, Jamal Eason, Product Manager at Android, announced the new name alongside the release of the final preview version of Android M. They also announced the availability of the final Android 6.0 SDK, and that it can be downloaded via the SDK Manager in Android Studio.

Developers are also encouraged to develop their apps to support the new Android 6.0, and support backward compatibility as well. Many other tools and libraries were made available for developers to take advantage of the new features of the upcoming OS. Android M will be officially released before the end of the year.

See more features of Android M HERE.

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