Macro Instagram Competition for Nokia Lumia Users

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Nokia is giving its users a chance to win a surprise goodie bag gift in its latest monthly macro instagram competition. All you need to get into to the competition to stand a chance of winning the prize is to take a macroscopic pic of anything using your Nokia Lumia device and post it on Instagram with the hashtag  #LumiaMacro.

If you don’t know what a macroscopic pic is or you don’t know how to take one, you can hit the Nokia blog  for more details on macroscopics and tips on how to take one.

Last month, Nokia did the #Lumiawater promo, where Lumia smartphones followed a famous team of aquatic experts to live under water for 31 days. And they have followed it up with this month’s macro competition.

Users of the Nokia Lumia can enter the competition as many times as they like as it ends on July 31st.



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