Maemo to replace Symbian on N-series phones

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Nokia’s worst kept secret is finally out in the open. From a post on The Really Mobile Project site:

This evening, at the official N900 meet-up in London, the Maemo marketing team revealed that Nokia plan to drop Symbian from the entire ‘top end’ N-Series range of handsets in favour of Maemo by 2012.

Thanks to EyeBeeKay for the heads-up!

Read the full news item: Nokia dropping Symbian from N-Series by 2012


  1. Well, i am not surprised about the news cos i saw it coming and i ever predicted it on this site that nokia might drop symbian in the future for its high end phones in favour of maemo os because nokia wants to have a vertical os that shall run its high end devices from smart phones, netbooks, down to its laptops, and the os capable of doing just that is the maemo.

    Right now there is a rumour going on that nokia may acquire Palm’s webOs cause it is a flexible os that can be easily used to design series of web application by the developers. But with maemo os,do nokia need it?

    Already, Motorola and Dell have also shown interest on the acquisition of this os, so the question now is should nokia acquire it for use or to keep it away from its competitors or continue with maemo’s development? As it now, PALM has a good product but it has no cash to finance its mass production and market it.

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    What gave you the impression before now that symbian was headed for the mortuary?

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