The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here in all its glory and everyone is excited. However, just before you buy yours, you might need to know

Magic: Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB has only 8GB of space available

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Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here in all its glory and everyone is excited. However, just before you buy yours, you might need to know that the 16GB model does not offer you the specified internal storage space. In reality, it offers you only a measly 8.49GB of space for use. According to Samsung, the unavailable space is used up by the phone to provide some of the special features that are part of the features of the phone. But why not just then label it an 8GB model instead of saying it has 16GB? The user does not care what uses up space. If you market a device as having 16GB, it should have 16GB free space, or something close.

I doubt that anyone would be offended if this “16GB” model came with 14GB free space. You see, almost all smartphone have a little less space available than advertised. The operative phrase is “a little less space”. Having access to only half of the advertised space however would really leave a bad taste in the mouth of unsuspecting buyers.

That official explanation is a cop out. I call it bullshit. Samsung needs to revisit this.


  1. Samsung is not alone in this. Microsoft did the same (worse in fact) with their Surface tablets.

  2. Now common thing with all Samsung phones, the Galaxy S duos has 2 instead of 4gb, Galaxy Grand 4 instead of 8gb. Well, a lot of question has be asked hope Samsung will stop with the mess.

  3. Yes, I think Samsung- and other device manufacturers should label their devices with Actual available internal memory.

    Samsung has not done anything different here. it just so hapoens that there is more software on board than usual for the smart pause, smart scroll, etc., eating more memory than conventional.

    However, my take on this is…if you are savvy enough to care about the subtleties of “internal memory”- you should be savvy enough to know that ROOTing allows you reclaim high portions of that “unavailable” memory.

    ROOT, and your memory shall be handed back into you.!

  4. Storage is one of my major complaints against Samsung. When they just announce a new flagship phone, they would claim availability in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb, but they would never ship any 32gb or 64gb. This is annoying. As every other Smartphone spec is increasing to a higher level (camera pixels, processor, screen size etc), it’s overdue time Samsung made 32gb the minimum storage for their flagships. Galaxy Note 3 must be 32gb default please. Integrated microSD is no excuse. LG Optimus G Pro comes with 32gb and still features microSD. Samsung please stop this your romance with 16gb!

  5. I will advise users to just get a memory card.

    All those awesome software packed into the S4 will certainly occupy space.

    I will support that manufacturers should always state the actual space available to users and always make bundled apps easily removable.

  6. The problem with memory card is that there is limitation to what it can be used for, especially if you’re not rooted. Applications and applications data can only be installed on the phone memory (from ICS and above). So even if you have a 64GB memory card, the applications you can install are still limited to the available disk space on the internal storage, except you’re rooted and run some dangerous scripts to change this preference.

    I agree with Baoku that the minimum internal AD size should be 32GB. The disk space on my galaxy note 2 is already full and I had to delete some games in other to salvage disk space.

  7. yup.. the memory lies. like saying a phone has 512mb ram and all a user can see and get to use is 360mb :'(

  8. my computer can not open my 16GB Samsung memory card .what can i do ? And i don’t want to format it because i have vital pictures and document there .

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