Magic: Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB has only 8GB of space available

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here in all its glory and everyone is excited. However, just before you buy yours, you might need to know that the 16GB model does not offer you the specified internal storage space. In reality, it offers you only a measly 8.49GB of space for use. According to Samsung, the unavailable space is used up by the phone to provide some of the special features that are part of the features of the phone. But why not just then label it an 8GB model instead of saying it has 16GB? The user does not care what uses up space. If you market a device as having 16GB, it should have 16GB free space, or something close.

I doubt that anyone would be offended if this “16GB” model came with 14GB free space. You see, almost all smartphone have a little less space available than advertised. The operative phrase is “a little less space”. Having access to only half of the advertised space however would really leave a bad taste in the mouth of unsuspecting buyers.

That official explanation is a cop out. I call it bullshit. Samsung needs to revisit this.

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