Bluetooth is a standard feature in a lot of mobile devices now. Now, the wireless connection is a feature of a lot of modern cars,

How to make any car a Bluetooth-enabled car

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Bluetooth is a standard feature in a lot of mobile devices now. Now, the wireless connection is a feature of a lot of modern cars, and just like with a pair of wireless headphones, a Bluetooth-enabled car lets you stream you own songs or other audio content without using CDs or pairing for internet radio. However, if you have a car that does not have Bluetooth, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy these qualities. But then, you can make any car a Bluetooth-enabled car quite easily. Here are the ways you could achieve that:

BLUETOOTH RECEIVERBluetooth-enabled car

This is the most common way to add Bluetooth to a car’s radio. With a Bluetooth receiver, you can pair your phone to the receiver and stream audio directly. The receiver then plugs into the 3.5mm input jack, typically found near the center controls or inside the center console. There are different configurations for Bluetooth receivers, which include 12V-powered, USB-powered and battery-powered receivers.


If your car does not have an auxiliary input, you might want to consider an FM transmitter. Effectively, the FM transmitter of today is a Bluetooth receiver, but instead of sending the audio to the stereo through an auxiliary cable, t broadcasts it over an open FM radio frequency. Now, all you need to do is tune your car radio to the correct frequency and you’ll hear your audio. The FM transmitters usually have built-in USB charging ports.


If you don’t mind not being able to stream your music though your car’s stereo, you can instead use a Bluetooth speakerphone. In most instances, you can clp these to the sun visor above the driver and pair your phone to it like any other Bluetooth speaker. When you answer a call, both the audio and microphone are handled by the visor-mounted speakerphone. The only downside to this device is that it is often a quite expensive option with the least amount of features.


This is likely the most expensive option. You could go all out and replace the head unit in your car with a Bluetooth-enabled version. With this, you would have fewer wires hanging around in your vehicle. You could also choose to upgrade your car’s head unit to an Android Auto or CarPlay.


This is obviously not a Bluetooth device. However, you might not really be bothered about having a Bluetooth-enabled car. You might just simply want to play music while driving. In this case, you can get a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. This is a cable with a male 3.5mm plug on both ends, which you can plug one of into your smartphone audio jack and the other in the auxiliary port of your car. However, be advised: the audio input will still be the phone’s microphone. Therefore if you have incoming calls you will have to either remove the cable and enable speakerphone or pull the phone close to your mouth. Neither of these options is safe to do while driving.

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