Make a flight entertainment centre with your phone or tablet

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Traveling to a new place is an exciting experience. More so, traveling by plane is quite thrilling. However, on long flights, you might get bored of looking out the window or watching the in-flight movie. In that case, don’t let yourself succumb to the boredom. Here are five things you could do to make your phone or tablet a flight entertainment centre:


First off, you need a lot of storage space on your device. You know that movies and TV shows take up a lot of storage. Unless you plan to use your laptop instead (which is also great), you might want to clear up lots of space. Check out apps you have which you don’t need, haven’t used in a while, or won’t need while on vacation. Delete these apps, then back up your photos and videos on either your computer or a reliable online service.Flight entertainment centre


Your flight entertainment centre requires some movies and TV shows, of course. For this, you can use any of the video subscription services you use at home. All you need t do is download the service’s app. now, you can either download the movies to your device or you can stream them. However, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Also, downloading movies takes space, so make sure you have enough.


Whether you buy your music from digital stores like iTunes or pay a monthly fee to stream from Spotify, you can take it with you wherever you are going. Most similar sites like Tidal allow you to download songs for offline listening too.


If your public library is affiliated with the OverDrive service, you can download that app and borrow books and audiobooks for free. Most library ebooks can be downloaded to Amazon’s Kindle app, or you can try the Kindle Unlimited service for a 30-day trial or $10 per month.


When you arrive at your destination, clear out your flight entertainment centre. This is in order to create space for new vacation photos. Then at the end of your trip, repeat the above process: back up your pictures, delete them and download some entertainment for the return trip.

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