GSM mobile operator, GloMobile, has announced a promo that allows their subscribers to make free on-net calls for a daily rental of N40.00 only. Basically,


Make free Glo-to-Glo calls for N40 daily

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GSM mobile operator, GloMobile, has announced a promo that allows their subscribers to make free on-net calls for a daily rental of N40.00 only. Basically, Glo subscribers can call other Glo lines all they want for just N40 daily. Exciting prospects, we say.


gloDubbed “Glo Biiiig Dash”, GloMobile claims to be revolutionalising the telecoms sector with this promo.

But is it really that revolutionary?


For example, another GSM operator Etisalat has been running a promo that allows their own subscribers get back every minute spent on-net in calls. Basically, this means that Etisalat subscribers are making free on-net calls too – and without a daily rental or any other fee.

Perhaps, the Glo Biiiig Dash promo is in reality a response to Etisalat’s? Anyways, we agree that the competition is good.


To activate your Glo line for the Biiiig Dash promo, dial *100*1*1# from your phone. The rental of N40 will be deducted from your airtime daily and you can call all your contacts and Glo for as long as you want without attracting any further charges.

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  2. big response to Etisalat promo jo! I am really upset with Glo because they are a Naija-owned network and this offer it should have tabled long before Etisalat opened shop. Now they are contending with an ant when giants (MTN & Zain) are on ground.

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  3. What will happen to my line if there’s no money in my account to be deducted? How can i deactivate this service?

    My experience with zain joli has taught me not to activate any new service untill i know all the facts.

  4. Spoke with customer care this morning & was told that one can change to another plan at anytime, free of charge.

  5. Kay123, my guess is, if you dont have up to 40 Naira in your account to be deducted, you will be reverted back to the plan you were on before your migration to the ‘big dash’ plan.

  6. hey people, tried it out this afternoon. I made a couple of calls on the network and nothing, save the initial forty Naira, was deducted, Several people i talked to on the subject are very excited and are gearing up to buy glo lines. Therein lies my fear; network congestion! I hope glo has the capacity to absorb millions more subscribers in a very short while, all making unnecessarily long calls.

    I doubt if this would last. If glo had a robust data network with good revenue from it, one would think that is the direction they want to go, I don’t think it is, They obviously want to lure more subscribers. Come to think of it, I saw, in the “Biig” advert in Punch Newspapers today, in fine print, to the effect that Glo reserves the right to discontinue the promo without notice. Thats their life boat should things get nasty.

  7. This is a good initiative on the part of Glo.. it is a pity i don’t have a Glo line or any Glo numbers on my phone.. I’m waist deep in MTN..

    Yomi it would be nice if you implement the OpenID login like GoogleConnect, FacebookConnect or TwitterConnect system on your site

  8. This is a nice package offered by glo but still, the question remains. What happens if there is no money on my phone or less than N40 on my phone?

    I had N25 on my phone yesterday which was deducted and it seems I can still make glo free calls. What happens to their balance N15?

    Will I have a bill that piles up until I recharge or what?

  9. Everybody is asking about what happens if there is no money on their line or they have less than N40 on their line, yet not one of you seem to have made an attempt to contact Glo to ask them this question. Haba! Must you be spoon-fed?

    Sorry if I sound blunt o, but I am just wondering. The guys running this site dey try already by giving us breaking news and tips. Anyways, I am not a Glo subscriber.

  10. It is a welcome development.and practical explanation of d force of demand. all my friends and foes have all brought etisalat due to free.

  11. Waoh!!! when i heard that Glo is making free calls i thought it was free nightcalls until i confirmed myself, that it was day free calls, anyway Kudos to them regardless of deducting N40 naira daily. But one thing i have not understand is that is it going to be forever or for sometime? Shout out to you all… Huah! Huah!! Huah!!!

  12. Mtn! Those guyz are heartless. They’ve never ran any promo that would make you want to buy mtn. Well i’m using mtn because i stay in the east and thats what everyone uses.

  13. Glo has done noble but i will wait like a week or 2 to see the experiences of people that had already activated

  14. Already we have started experiencing network congestion,i was only able to make 2 calls today out of about 30 calls tried.this promo should be stopped,because one may have an emergency call to make.

  15. The best way to run this package is make it such that u activate it everyday manually. The reason for this congestion is that once u realize your money has been deducted you want to make sure it doesn’t go to waste so u make unnecessary calls. I used it for 2 days then decided to switch back since I don’t have that many people with glo lines. If I ever need to use it I’ll just activate it. Your bill piles up if you have no money until you recharge.

    Dial 125 and follow the voice prompt to switch back to your package.

  16. They need to take down this promo FAST. I always relied on GLO and ETISALAT to make important calls and yesterday was a huge disappointment. I kept getting Network Busy everytime. Those of us that aren’t interested in the promo are suffering unnecessarily.

  17. Glo has really tried.What has mtn ever done to encourage their subscribers?I even regret been their subscriber.All they do is scuffle our money in billions.

  18. well, i really thank glo for making this a huge success. the only thing is for us to give it back to glo by dancing to their tunes. what do i mean by this? let us all join hands together to purchase glo lines for those who do not have the line.

    By doing this, we all will automatically switched to glo and leaving mtn behind by dropping it for good. To all glo users, ride-on and to those who have not got glo lines, tomorrow is market day for the purchase of your own glo line.

  19. Well, we should give kudos to Etisalat for starting it all. However,we shall be waiting to see who starts the free DATA promo first in nigeria. Though, already Etisalat is giving out a token of 3mb data to its customer after exhausting #500 worth of airtime monthly.

    In the U.S. Tmobile network gives free nite call/data services for specific plan.So lets see if MTN being the the giant and first timer can ever give anything out for FREE to appease its teaming customers who already on daily bases are being snatched by Etisalat and others.

  20. My experience of the promo is unforgetable. Right now, I cant make nor recieve calls, because I didn’t have N40 in my a/c on the due date. I have lost my line forever

  21. @ barrister p.

    You’ve not lost your line. All you have to do is load sufficient money on your phone then deactivate glo biiiig dash by dialing *100*3*2#.

    When ever you are interested in the promo again the reactivate *100*1*1#

  22. Its a beautifull gift to glo customers but the problem right now is that the network is always jammed that must of us are thinking of leaving the glo network

  23. Glo need to take this promo down fast. They have already congested their poor and sad network. What they should have done is to reduce call rate to N10 or N15 per minute. Please oga Yomi how is glo 3G internet faring? I am almost at the verge of subscribing for G Leisure, please someone should let us know how the 3G internet is faring, BEFORE I SHOUT OOH. I dont want my 5K to waka go oh!

  24. nice initiative, sweet idea… giving to the public yet raking millions daily…. hope ya’ll know what a million units of 40 naira is in a week???… anyways has anyone given thought to deactivating this????

  25. Thanks Kay 123, you’ve been of great help. I recharged my line, & they deducted N80 4rm my a/c. Then I deactivated it with *100*3*1# free of charge. Though right now, I have not been able to call, but I guess its network congestion.

  26. Its really a nice Xmas bumper from glo, but how does one deactivate this and when will d promo end? My money was deducted tonight, what happened? is it all over?

  27. I think there’s a problem with the glo network and biiiig dash , it’s been impossible to get through to 121 . Hope it’ll be resolved soon so we can continue enjoying the free calls.

    All codes are not working again.

    For those still asking for d codes:
    activation *100*1*1# deactivation *100*3*2#

  28. It was obviously too good to be true. Its stopped working since yesterday (without any notice, or apologies from shameless glo), and we are all back to square one! Yet another example of nigerian corporate foolishness, and lack of market/technical research… now, glo are even worse off than they were before their so called “promo”… talk about demarketing!

    Anyway, lets see what other lies we shall be told by these exploitative mobile telecomms thieves who remind us all of NEPA more, and more with each passing day. If they had tried this crap outside nigeria (disclaimer or no disclaimer), all glo staff would be currently looking for work now.

    Thats why greedy corporations just love nigeria. A fertile lawless land full of miseducated lawless gullible sheep who know nothing about their rights, or are completely unintrested about doing anything about the little rights they know, if and when they are flaunted. If you disagree, why is NEPA still NEPA? It makes zero sense. Viva le “niger area”!

  29. pls i have activated my line for the billing dash but still have my credit cut wen i make calls. i guess this is the code for it. *100*1*1#

  30. I love glo network and i made it as my number one regular line they have been trying their best for their customers. Lets encourage them to expand their network to avoid traffic, because this is our own Rule your world, glo.

  31. Glo suscribers deserves an apology. Less than a week after the introduction of the biiiig dash a total crash is being experienced in the system.

    Before a product is introduced to customers, it ought to have been tested.

    It’s even impossible to get any info from glo in relation to the development, the website is not available and the care line will never go through.

    I’ll also try and send a mail to glo customer customer care hoping they’ll reply.

    Please Mr mobinaija kindly update us if you have any info from your “contact at glo”.

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