Smartphones and mobile data plans have created new, accessible opportunities to make money online. We look at just two of these numerous opportunities that you

How to Make Money Online from Instagram and Adsense

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Smartphones and mobile data plans have created new, accessible opportunities to make money online. We look at just two of these numerous opportunities that you can embrace and generate income from.

The first platform we will explore is Instagram, the popular social media network owned by Facebook, while the second is Adsense, Google’s massive ad network.

Various Methods to Make Money Online with Instagram

Instagram is not only a popular platform for posting pictures; you can also make money with Instagram account or support your business.

When Instagram first came to the internet, people used it to post their personal pictures, their pets, food and such. Now, many people make money with the platform or use it as one of their business platforms. The main features of Instagram, which are picture album and hash tags, allow people to turn their accounts into product showcases and even online stores.


If you are curious about how you can make money with Instagram account, you can try these methods, which have been used by various online businesses and personal account owners:

Promote Store Products

If you already have a store but need more exposure, you can create Instagram account as a sales funnel to your store. You can display your products, using hash tags to do widespread promotion, and attract your followers with various special offers.

Make Online Boutique or Store

You can turn your Instagram account itself into an online store or boutique. Or set up a new one specifically for this. However, since many people use Instagram for similar purposes, you must create distinctive account that shows unique elements.

Start Affiliate Business

You can start an affiliate business and attract followers with promotional Instagram pictures. The more followers you get, the more opportunities for you to share your affiliate business packages.

It provides you with great platform to promote business because its main feature is photo albums. Online buyers tend to believe a business more if they can see the products.

Make money online from Instagram

2. Make Money Online With Adsense

Adsense is Google’s platform to make money with advertising on the blogs. This works by inserting HTML codes in specific sections of your blog to display advertisements. You generate income whenever a visitor clicks on an ad itself (read Lucrative Way to Make Money from Blogging).

But how do you go about maximizing this opportunity? Let’s have a look.

Create a blog that is acceptable by Google

Do not set up a blog to discuss issues like pornography, profanity, drug addiction, and so forth. In practice, what you want is a blog that the majority of people can read without getting offended.

make money online from blogging

Choose a topic that is saleable

If you are creating a blog of a personal nature, it will be much more difficult to make it palatable to those who want to publish ads through Google Adwords.

If your main goal is to make money online by monetizing your blog through Google Adsense, what you should do is choose a specific topic and be more ‘commercial‘ or business-like in your approach to blogging. In other words, pick a profitable niche for your blog.

Follow the rules of Google

For example, stick to the maximum number of advertising spaces to be included in the blog. If you exceed the guidelines (currently three blocks dedicated to the regular ad units and three blocks dedicated to text link ad units), you run the risk of your account being penalized or even closed.

The stated aim of Google is that your blog offers you a pleasant reading experience for the visitor. This is difficult to achieve if you plaster your blog with ads everywhere. Limiting the number of advertising spaces helps to avoid this.

Also, do not discuss anything, especially online, about how much you get paid by Google Adsense . The penalty for this, if caught, is the closure of your account.

Make Money online from Google Adsense

Write articles that deal with specific topics targeted by the advertisers

If you think the keywords “Singapore Hotel” to be competitive, then write a nice article on how to find quality hotel in Singapore.

The contextuality of Adsense advertising should reward your choice and make it appear on your article. The displayed ads will be of interest to a percentage of your readers and so be profitable for you.

Make sure that your article is long enough and really explores the topic you are writing about. Quality content is a delight to Google. Avoid needless repetitions, and do not choke your article full of keywords, otherwise you risk a penalty.

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