Are you a phone enthusiast and early adopter? You can join the exclusive club of individuals who make money writing reviews for Mobility Arena. Write reviews of your new devices and gadgets to earn some spare cash. We will pay you N5,000.00 per published review.

At Mobility Arena, we adhere strictly to the position that a review involves having handled and used the phone being reviewed for at least three days. Your submission must be an honest account of your personal experience with the device being reviewed.

Also, we have strict guidelines for reviews published on Mobility Arena. The guidelines are stated below.

Make Money Writing Reviews

Make Money Writing Reviews: Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for submitting reviews on Mobility Arena.

  1. Each review submitted to Mobility must be written by the submitter
  2. The review must be unique to Mobility Arena i.e. it has not been published elsewhere before and cannot be published elsewhere by the writer.
  3. The phone must have been released to the market within the previous 3 months.
  4. All submitted reviews will be screened to ensure that they meet our editorial standards. Mobility Arena reserves the right to modify a submitted review or reject it entirely.
  5. Each review must include a minimum of 5 clear, close-up pictures of the phone.
  6. Each review must include at least 3 Camera photo samples taken with the phone camera
  7. Each review must include one clear, close-up photo of you holding the phone being reviewed
  8. Each review may include screenshots of certain menus, but not absolutely essential
  9. All photographs and illustrative images used in reviews are to have a width of 560 pixels and height of 315 pixels.
  10. Screenshots used in reviews are to have a width of 560 pixels and can be any height.
  11. At least three benchmark tests: AnTuTu, GeekBench, and Quadrant

Structure Of Mobility Arena Reviews

Each review must have the following sections:

  1. Brief Introduction to the device, including links to any existing articles/resources about the phone on Mobility e.g. specs sheet
  2. Quick Pros & Cons: a tabular presentation of the phone’s key features and weaknesses
  3. Hardware & Design: a description of the physical design of the phone
  4. Software & Apps: OS version, pre-installed apps, user friendliness of interface
  5. Display & Multimedia: screen size, quality, protection, music, video, loudspeaker loudness and quality
  6. Network, Telephony & Internet: compatible networks, signal quality, in-call audio quality
  7. Photography: front and rear cameras, including experience using them
  8. Performance & Multitasking: pauses, smoothness in use, benchmark tests, how does it behave when you switch between many apps? etc
  9. Battery Life: capacity, how it fares for daily use, charging, etc
  10. Other Features: e.g. fingerprint scanner, NFC, etc
  11. Final Words: general round up and verdict on the device. All comparisons and verdicts are to be made in the context of other devices in the same class and price range

To help you get a hang of how things are done, feel free to browse through a few published reviews on the blog in our review section.

How To Start

It is easy to get started and make money writing reviews for Mobility Arena. As a matter of fact, you can start right now. Here’s what to do:

  1. Use the Search box at the top of the blog to search and confirm whether or not the phone you want to review here has already been reviewed by someone else.
  2. If the phone review doesn’t exist yet, submit your review using the form below.
  3. For your first review, include your full name, clear head shot, contact address and bank details (Nigeria only) at the bottom of the review
  4. For your first review, also include a brief bio of yourself with links to your social media pages at the bottom of the review
  5. If your review is published, your account will be credited with your payment within 48 working hours.


This programme is open only to persons resident in Nigeria for now. We hope to be able to extend it to other countries later.

Submit A Review

Type out your review in Microsoft Word, include a brief bio and your personal details as listed above, attach all images, and email to

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Make Money Online Reviewing Your Gadgets
Join the exclusive club of individuals who make money writing reviews for Mobility Arena. Write reviews of your new devices and gadgets to earn spare cash.
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