Dropbox gets document scannning, other productivity tools

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Dropbox has been updated with a handful of new productivity features that users should find very handy. The features include the ability to scan documents. Dropbox says that the whole idea is to simplify the ways users create, share, and collaborate all in one place. Here’s a quick run through of the full list of additions:

Dropbox document scanning

  • Scan documents in Dropbox
  • Create Microsoft Office docs on mobile
  • Share files and folders from the desktop
  • Add comments to a specific part of a file
  • Recover old files if accidents happen, or if you just want to revisit an idea
  • More control over how you share files
  • Preview files and documents even if you don’t have the right apps to open then installed.

Dropbox Document Scanning

The document scanning feature alone has just made Dropbox even more valuable. No more need for a separate document scanning app. Scan and save to the cloud, and be able to access your scanned document anywhere there’s an internet connection. The document scanning feature and others seem to be available on the Dropbox app for iPhone only for now.

There is no word on when Android users will get them.

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