Makers of the $14,000 Solarin smartphone give up

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Remember the most expensive smartphone for 2016. The Sirin Labs Solarin smartphone launched last year with lots of fan fare. The phone was said to offer security, and heavily priced at $14,000. It now appears, after one year, the company has reshuffled and changed focus. As reported by Tech Crunch, the company will let go one third of it’s staff and focus on a new product line.

“Nearly a year after launching Solarin, Sirin Labs is pursuing new directions to a new product line and therefore restructuring its staff,”

“One third of the staff will be let go and the company will concentrate on new hires that will fit into the new company vision. Sirin Labs is still manufacturing Solarin and provides full support on its regular channels – online and offline.”

The company affirms they will continue support for the Solarin smartphone. Future models will be shelved too. Meanwhile, they are looking towards “a new kind of computing device”. The company did not publicly announce any number for units sold. We can safely assume, they didn’t sell enough to sustain themselves.

This goes to show the struggles of a new smartphone OEM in an already congested market. There were also concerns on how secure this phone is, to warrant such a high price tag. Not forgetting other security focused brands like Blackphone and BlackBerry.



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