Makers of WeChat ditch Windows 10 Mobile app development

The company behind the making of WeChat and QQ – popular messaging apps in China- have decided to halt further development of their Windows 10 Mobile apps. The company in question, Tencent Holdings, released a statement last week claiming low user base and harsh realities.


“….despite that the era of Windows 10 Mobile is coming, we may not follow closely this time. It is not because we are changing, but the reality is cruel, which drives us to change and adapt to the times”.

“Users on the Windows Phone platform keep declining and have moved to other platforms, but [we] didn’t notice that Microsoft is showing any effort to retain them,”

“But we believe that Windows 10 Mobile is a good platform which is yet a hit to the market.”

So if you were waiting to see WeChat on your Windows 10 phone, you might have to wait a little longer. The company would continue to support the apps, but users will no longer see any updates from henceforth. Quite a sad tale for Windows Phone fans.

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