Making a choice of a new smartphone is hard, and here’s why

Are you on the look out for a new smartphone? If yes, then you may be faced with the problem many people are struggling with right now. I’ll call it the problem of choices. You see, in recent years, the Android revolution has given birth to the rise of thousands of mobile phone manufacturers. Nowadays, (almost on a daily basis) new devices are released, further compounding the list of options one has to choose from.


One rule in business says:

“The more options presented to a customer (at point of purchase) the less likely he/she is to make a choice”.

For a layman to walk into a store saying he/she wants to buy a mobile phone, without previous or personal research. Mere looking at the available options, he will be overwhelmed and chances are, this person wouldn’t make a sensible purchase. He or she may end up buying what they will regret later.

The reasons for this are not far fetched. If you’re going for brand names. There are thousands of brand names. Sticking with brand names might make u purchase blindly – you may not be getting actual value for your money. A good example is the case of Samsung during the Jumia Mobile Megathon.

Asides brand names, we have lot’s of variation in phone specs. Is it the camera? (Front or back), the Processor type/Speed? Are we looking for so-so battery capacity? or so- so screen resolution? In fact, careful consideration of specs has eventually become a very crucial exercise these days, because it transcends the brand name and looks of the device.

Have we mentioned software? Which software will this your future device run? There’s Android and iOS, followed by Blackberry 10 and Windows Phones before you start mentioning the lesser ones like Tizen, Firefox, Sailfish, Ubuntu,etc. Picking the right platform for yourself will ultimately determine which apps will be available to you. Techies already know what they want, but you, still new to smartphones, may not know this.

Now, on to the issue of price. Are you’re looking to get a new phone ? Then you must define a price range -at least what you can afford. The thing is, phones now come in price segments. We have the (low priced) budget segment, mid-range segment and high-end segment.

When people approach me for a phone recommendation, first thing I ask them is,”How much is your budget? The answer to this question greatly helps to streamline the options and reach a more balanced conclusion.

In my own case, my problem of picking a next phone is knowing which and which compromises to make while fixated on a particular price point. For instance, I want an Android device with nothing less than 4000 mAh battery, which must run a Mediatek processor (GLO BIS tinz) and would also appreciate if it ran stock Android. Or maybe, offering a plethora of custom ROMs.

When I look at the available options, I still fall back to my Gionee M2, though the Infinix Hot 2 just became a strong contender. I know I can’t hold on for much longer. You see how difficult it already is for someone like me to reach a proper decision, talk less of noobs and laymen 🙂 (No offence please). If you’re on the look out for a new device also check out this piece.

Your thoughts.

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