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The recent news of Google shutting out competing platforms from full PIM synchronisation by discontinuing Exchange ActiveSync has galvanised me to finally make a switch that I had been contemplating for quite a while. I am too much of an adventurer to be locked down to just one platform. My email, calendar and contacts must always move with me whenever I switch smartphones, and I switch very often due to the nature of my job here.

Both Microsoft and Google have a strong mobile focus in delivering work tools for businesses. Their respective online suits of services, Office 365 and Google Apps, both offer mobile access to email, calendar, and contacts. In the last 24 hours or so, I have been busy migrating my emails, contacts and calendar over from Google Apps which I have been using for a while to Office 365. The process was not as tedious as I thought it would be, and as I type this, I am done already. I have also successfully setup the new Office 365 custom email accounts on both Android and Windows Phone devices (and I should try them out on a Belle device during the week). All seems to be in order so far. However, I will test the new setup a bit more before finally flipping the switch finally.

I know that there will be lots of divergent opinions on Google’s decision, and we are all welcome to whatever we hold on to. Personally, I have been moderating my use of Google’s services over the last one year or so. This new development from them just makes me feel like giving them the middle finger.

Google can do whatever they feel is in their best interests. I must also do whatever I feel is in my best interests. If all goes well, before the end of this week, I shall be saying goodbye to Gmail and Google Apps as my daily drivers for both personal and business activities. I intend to keep my old Gmail account just for Android smartphone activation and nothing else. If this experiment backfires, oh well….. I did give it a shot. I never have been one to shy away from trying. What is life without some adventure?


  1. Belushi,

    Yes; I intend to – after making sure that all is working well. Just give me a little time. So far, this morning, my mails are working fine.

    The guide/tutorial might come faster than I envisaged.

  2. These appeared to be paid services. I’m kind of confused as i’m simply just interested in synching my email, contacts and calendar across phone on different OS platforms.

  3. Trae,

    You are correct. The guide I will be providing is for switching from free Gmail to free Hotmail/Outlook, which provides synchronisation for thw full PIM suite too.

  4. After Microsoft messed up royally last year with their Microsoft Starter on my laptop (I can’t even uninstall the stupid thing) I’m going to sit and watch and see how this goes.

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