HTC has had a rough patch in recent times and are looking to set things right again with their latest flagship smartphone, the One. I

Making sense of HTC’s four flagships in the space of a year

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HTC android flagships

HTC has had a rough patch in recent times and are looking to set things right again with their latest flagship smartphone, the One. I loved the One X and think that I will love the One. But thinking of these two HTC flagships, it occured to me that HTC has released two (2) others in between them, making a total of four (4) flagship smartphones in the space of roughly a year. Have a look:

HTC One X – launched May 2012
HTC One X+ – launched October 2012
HTC Droid DNA – launched November 2012
HTC One – launched March 2013

From the One X, each subsequent flagship was a small incremental upgrade to the previous one. This just does not make sense. Why deploy so much resources this way? For a company that is struggling on limited resources, it smells of some measure of confusion. I am certain that a lot of waste was generated in producing this sequence of four flagship smartphones in the space of a year. Perhaps if HTC produced just the One X and then channeled the funds spent on the One X+ and Droid DNA into marketing just that one flagship, it would have sold much better.

More financially stable brands do not release more than one flagship per year. It beats me what HTC was trying to achieve with the One X+ after the One X, and Droid DNA right after One X+. Consider that the Droid DNA was released only in November 2012, one should be forgiven for asking, “Was the HTC One (released march 2013) not in the company’s plans at that time?” HTC needs to streamline, and also do some serious marketing to push the One in the market for the next one year. They do not need any further flagships to follow the One up in the months ahead.

All four of HTC’s Android flagships that were released in the last one year run the company’s signature Sense UI, which I happen to like a lot, but this is making no sense at all.

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  1. Once again, you have come up with an great topic and am so particularly interested in this.
    I used the HTC phone for the first time in dec. And I asked u of what you think and you gave me you go ahead that the HCT one X is a lovely phone. And I so found it to be now. The phone like their slogan says, “Quietly Briliant”. Honestly (personal Opinion) I don’t want to see the samsung any where this phone cos it Sense is so higher than that of samsung.

    However, am going to agree with you on all the points raised and all that you said as regards their marketing of their flagships… I don’t know who heads their marketing section, but I must say whoever it is hasn’t being helping in that area. It shouldn’t be samsung pushing the android os in the fore front but HTC.

    From what I noticed, I think the oneX came out to beat and oneX+ came out to beat the s3 and DNA came out to combart NOTE2. And the new ONE is what is to come out as standard, and am seeing a ONE+ come out soon. Which I believe won’t make sence. If you are going to fight S4, just come out with a phone in the middle of the year, and focus on marketing.

    The only thing that has killed HTC, is good marketing.

    I believe this would get to them.

    And for the record, the ONE is a phone to have. Am so longing for the phone to replace my HTC oneX

  2. @opeoluwa I don’t think HTC should be the front runner for andriod samsund should. From the review oof htc one X and galaxy s3 galaxy s3 won in most areas though the s3 is more expensive. Even the s4 will still b beta than this htc one.

    Please can someone tell me the price of HTC oneX

  3. I have to say I think highly of HTC phones, their devices are often understated and often, quietly brilliant.

    However what they have done with the One XL is no different to what happened with the Sensation. They brought out the original, then the Sensation XL or whatever it was called, which kind of diluted the appeal of the original.

    As I have been discussing with a couple of people in the past week, HTC’s problem is advertising and promoting, apart from coming out with what seems to be slight tweaks to the original. Samsung is hogging the limelight, HTC is under pressure with limited resources but even then they are still bringing out numerous handsets but not really promoting them.

    I’m not sure where the Droid DNA fits in as North American phone versions get so diluted I lose track of their equivalents, but HTC have also bought out the SV and the One XL. So now there are two Ones in addition to two One X versions!

  4. The real reason for HTC haphazardly releasing 4 flagship phones within one year is DESPERATION. They have been so desperate to survive competition and especially to dislodge Samsung that they believe releasing a new incremental phone every now and then will help. Now, if only they can focus on EFFECTIVE marketing and affordable pricing, HTC could yet see a breakthrough. Their latest Blinkfeed TV ad for HTC One is just uninspiring.

    All said, Samsung wont give up their Android kingship so soon because Galaxy S4 is an underrated beast with populist features that consumers of award-winning Galaxy S3 will still love. That is, removable battery as microSD issues apart. And by the time Samsung unleashes the right advertising blitz that wins consumer hearts, HTC will still lag behind though their financial fortunes will improve over last year’s.

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