Man held at Canadian port for refusing to unlock his BlackBerry

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A Canadian, Alain Philippon, was detained at Halifax Stanfield International Airport when he refused to unlock his BlackBerry smartphone at the request of the Canada Border Services Agency officials. He was also charged with hindering or preventing border officers from performing their role under the Customs Act.

Alain is reported to have said that he refused to unlock his BlackBerry because he considers the information on it to be “personal.” He was released on bail and will stand trial at a later date. This is an interesting development and could set a precedent for future situations.


  1. lol, this is especially amusing because it happened in Canada. they’re supposed to be the laid back North Americans. that he’d be charged is rather surprising

  2. But the Canadians are supposed to know better since it’s their device and the level of encryption is well known hence the reason for the search. But does the authorities really need this.

  3. It is a rule now to have any electronic device you have ready for inspection when you travel. You are always told to ensure your devices have enough power in them in case you are requested to show it is not a threat to security.

  4. Cyber attack is real Bro in this modern world, and our smartphones are becoming super you know.

  5. If there’s nothing to hide just show them to the authorities, it’s their job don’t you think so?

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