Manage your multiple contacts with Contacts Remover Plus

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Our current smartphones allow us to have contacts reaching thousands in number. Sometimes you will notice that synchronizing contacts from one device to another causes duplication, which can be very annoying and highly irritating.

Contacts Remover Plus

If you’re in such a situation, Contacts Remover Plus comes to the rescue. Its a small but mighty Android app that helps you manage contacts in anyway possible.

  • Find duplicate contacts[1]
  • Merge contacts
  • Copy contacts between accounts
  • Move contacts between accounts
  • Delete contacts one at a time or in huge batches
  • Delete all contacts from just one account (phone or synced; works with SIM contacts on some phones[2])
  • Remove contacts found by search, etc.

With it you can also manage accounts across various accounts. The app works perfectly well. Download it HERE


  1. It’s not free!…You didn’t mention that.
    I know that there are several free apps that do the same thing.

  2. If you are a good android user, Y don’t u just install Blackmart And get it free from there. Or, you can pay me half the price tonsend it to ur email. .

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