How many devices do you charge daily?

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One of the hoodoo’s of being a tech enthusiast/gadget lover is the fact that you find yourself owning quite a number of tech toys. Tech is improving at a breathtaking pace. New gizmos are released on almost weekly basis, and the trend is shifting from the regular mobiles to other toys of various shapes and sizes.

Charge-multiple devices

The list of gadgets one can have (that needs frequent charging) is endless: Fitness trackers, smart watches, headsets, phones, tablets, laptops, power banks, phablets, rechargeable lanterns (this is a gadget too smile emoticon), modems, routers etc.

Keeping up and buying these gadgets isn’t really a problem for some folks, but the issue is, considering the abysmal power supply we have in this country, and the fact that most tech toys need recharging frequently to keep them running, how do you mange to cope with charging your tech toys?

This is the major reason why I’m a big advocate of devices with good battery backup. I used to lug about a power bank, till I upgraded to the Gionee M2 which serves as my WiFi router, modem, and power bank etc.

Now over to you, how many devices do you get to charge on a daily basis?


  1. Two tablets, Two smart phones, a Phablet, two dumbphones three rechargeable lamps.

    Any wonder I can’t cope with a smartwatch?

  2. Just 13…

    1. Gionee M2
    2. Elite Sliver Bluetooth headset
    3. Blackberry Curve 7( Always on Hotspot ; serving as MiFi)
    4. 50,000mAh Powerbank( Solar + Electricity)
    5. 11,200mAh Applesoft Mobile Power
    6. 10,000mAh Powerbank
    7. 5,000mAh Applesoft Mobile Power
    8. 2,600mAh Powerbank ( Mainly for powering my Mini Usb Fan)
    9. Spy Pen
    10. Spy Glasses
    11. Hp Dm4 Laptop
    12. Usb Voice Recorder
    13. Mini Lamp ( Solar + Electricity)

  3. My laptop
    My Samsung Galaxy grand
    My innjoo e1 power bank
    My jabra Bluetooth headset
    My dumb Nokia 210
    My awango solar lamp.

  4. I’m not gonna list all the gadgets here, but I charge at least 5 devices daily.
    I also have other devices that I don’t use much, but I charge them weekly or fortnightly.

    Having a portable battery bank has been a lifesaver for the past few months. 🙂

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