Mark your Calender; Orbra is bringing something tasty this October

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October 1, 2015 is a remarkable day in the life of every Nigerian. The date reminds us of our Independence anniversary and so much more this country has yet to achieve. Talking of achievements, Nigerian smartphone maker Orbra will launch some devices on that day for Nigerians.


Information we have so far is that 3 devices will be launched: a wearable, a smartphone and a tablet. Most notable is the Orbra Eve 2 – an Octacore Android Smartphone with 3GB RAM and… *closes mouth*covers face*.

Orbra is a brand that we’ve always covered on Here’s a teaser video for what’s coming up:


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  1. Please bring the Orbra device on.

    If the devices actually look sleek like as in the pics above, and with those high specs, consider me sold.

    And if the price is even attractive, will be better than that boxy, squarish brick called Phantom 5.

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