Market Directly to "those Twitter lot" via UberSocial

Compared to the rest of the world, Nigeria’s internet traffic is tilted towards mobile at 56% reaching a peak of 65% in January of 2012 (Yeah, you guessed right – during #OccupyNigeria protests/ labour strike) compared to 8% for North America, 3% for South America , Africa averaging 15% while the world-wide average is a little over 10%! In fact, the last time desktop recorded a higher traffic in the country was way back in September 2011. With the above statistics therefore, the best online ad campaign the discerning should run should be more mobile focused than PC based, unless of course your product or service is only targeting PC users!

Now advertising on social media platform or mobile isn’t breaking news as you can hardly log into any without being bombarded with a myriad of them, from Facebook ads, to Twitter’s promoted tweets and people to follow. It was surprising therefore when I was trying to explore how to run a mobile ad campaign on UberSocial – That No 1 Twitter App for Blackberry (most blackberry owners I know mostly use it to tweet anyway) and I found out that Nigeria wasn’t listed as one of the countries to select for a target audience.

That wasn’t much of a problem though as a provision was on the site that said if the country or city I want my ad to target isn’t listed, I should send an email to say what country or city I would like to see added and they we will try to prioritize it. I promptly did this (See my email and their response below) and was pleasantly surprised to get their response in just a little over 24 hours later informing me that Nigeria is now on the list of available countries. As at today (30 August, 2012) there are only 28 listed countries with only Nigeria and South Africa from Africa.

The ads created will run on UberMedia mobile app and mobile web properties like Echofon, UberSocial, Plume and Lockerz. With UberTarget you can also specify whether your ad is seen by users on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones – a fantastic feature in my view.

Below are the screen shots on how to go about this.

Pretty straight forward right?

  1. @saiddigge: You’ll have to learn to live with that sir! The app is free to download, they’ve got to make money somehow!

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