On your marks!! Google is planning to start manufacturing phones

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Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!! After all the beating about the bush, Google is supposedly finally seriously considering manufacturing her own smartphones. Remember a while ago, we reported they were planning on making chips for their devices. Then, Google didn’t realy specify how the chips would be used.


Fresh rumour from The Information is that that Google is having serious discussions about make their own smartphones. Word has it, the nickname is “Googphablet” hhmm 🙄 Would this signify the end of the Nexus program? Would you consider buying the Google Phone?


  1. If they tried this, they might as well intimidate major OME to abandon Android Os in pursuit of their own too.

    Not a wise move

  2. As Long as Google cannot manufacture a phone like the Phantom 5, then they should go and sit down…

  3. Their penetration of the African market is most unlikely with the domination of tecno really, those guys are everywhere in Africa.

    I was in Kenya a couple of weeks back and I was marvelled

  4. I do not think there is any suprise in this although I am very sure it will be a same of the same kinda dead phone they are gonna be producing.

    dancing sekem away from the post while listening to it via my ever powerful Tecno Phantom 5

  5. Google’s moves in the smartphone space in the last 2 years don’t add up to any clear process. if they want to manufacture phones, why did they sell Motorola? if we follow the narrative that they sold Motorola to appease Samsung, are they done appeasing Samsung now?

    the TECNO shills on this site need to chill

  6. I would never consider buying the Phablet abi what is it called, when there are making sense phones like phantome 5, camon c8 etc

  7. I guess I read somewhere here that Samsung bought into another Os. Guess Google is trying to get back

  8. E be like say tecno dey beg for attention, OK we see you. Tecno kor chinko ni. Go google, let’s see what you can do and how u expect Android to be powered

  9. True. But without even trying yet, oems are already making theirs eg Sammy Tizen. So let them start preparing I feel, cos if Tizen is a success(sike) they would lose a major player

  10. iTire for the moto sale too, was highly shocked. But their hands were forced n then Sammy went ahead with tianshi abi Tizen

  11. I’ll take the story with a pinch of salt,if Google is seriously considering such then their FLIP FLOP is worse than Naija government,I mean why sell Motorola and a year later you’re thinking of starting your own phone business,somebody ever thought of the need for a hardware company for that…

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