State of Android report for October 2015: Marshmallow debuts

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As always, every month, Google updates the Android distributions across all the software versions. For the month of October, there’s a new entrant to the list -Marshmallow, and it debuts with 0.3% of users. This isn’t bad for a start. It’s also interesting to see that people still use Froyo devices.


In other news, Lollipop took a leap to 25.6% of Android users. A huge percentage of people still lie within the Jelly Bean and KitKat bracket.


Hopefully as Marshmallow gains more traction, we’ll see more users migrate to the new software version.


  1. To me, KitKat is one of the best Android OS versions so far 🙂 not like people can’t upgrade, they remain on Kitkat coz they can’t let it go, too sweet 🙂

  2. @3rd world techie. My view too. I don’t know why anyone will stay loyal to something virtual.

  3. KitKat still kicking,hopefully Marshmallow would grow at the expense of any further expansion of Lollipop,not exactly the best of Android versions IMO..

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