MasterCard is testing facial recognition app for online payments

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MasterCard is considering making a smartphone app for verifying online purchases. This app is already undergoing testing and will be made to work through facial recognition – just take a selfie to approve transactions.

MasterCard’s security expert Ajay Bhalla said this:

“The new generation, which is into selfies… I think they’ll find it cool,”

Concerns have already been raised about how effective this app will be. Because firms have tried and it didn’t come out successful. Even Google admitted that patterns and passwords were more secure than facial recognition.

MasterCard have been advised to add “extra layers of security” to the process, and it seems the app asks users to blink to prove that they’re human – even this has been spoofed in the past.

The facial recognition combined with PIN or password may just be the best way to implement the service.



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