It is a common trend to see on tech websites how data hungry the android OS is. How it magically makes your data disappear without

Maybe It is not Android; maybe it is me

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It is a common trend to see on tech websites how data hungry the android OS is. How it magically makes your data disappear without any help from the phone owner. while this line of thought might not be far-fetched but i believe that these claims are greatly exaggerated.

Previously, say until a month ago or more, I was stuck in the Symbian world. Before you go on talking about how data-friendly the Symbian OS is, just hold on a bit, am an internet freak more suitably a download freak and the data allowance by the telecoms coy have never been enough for me. Whether it is 10mb, 100mb, 250mb, 1gb or 3gb, I always find a way to exhaust it before the 30 day period is even close.

Jumping back to the Android OS which I have been experimenting on for the past month, thanks to the data monitor apps on ICS and my data manager app, I have been able to spot the data guzzler – ME. Out of the 1024MB airtel was kind enough to give, I had used over 422MB in downloading apps which I have long since removed.Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging apps have gulped barely 60MB. Android OS services have gulped 79MB. This should include synced messages, push notifications, in-app ads, map data, location checking, text to speech etc.

My point is that basically, we are the ones that use up the data doing one thing or the other. The more we want to browse the internet, watch videos, stream music, use Facebook and Twitter, then the more we should be willing to fork out the cash to pay for our addiction.


  1. Very much on point and even the core Android OS data consumption can be reduced drastically by simply disabling Auto Synch in the settings.

    I know most of my data consumption comes from app downloads from the Google Play Store and occasional software downloads for my laptop. I don’t normally download videos and music because I know the implication, and Opera Mini takes care of my internet browsing.

  2. Well said MartinKem… Na us dey use the download o! I am just as much fo a download junkie as you are, my man. Truth is, the Google Play Store is just plain download-delicious.. And with so many freeware titles, 1gb can be gone in no time!!

  3. People need to take responsibility for their data use, and they also need to learn to modify setting in their phones to ensure that data usage is personalized.

  4. Sure, Android can harm your pockets, through data guzzling. it can send you to the poorhouse.

    No doubt.

    but then, electricity can kill. it can burn your house down.

    it is all about control. safeguard. control.

    power is NOTHING without CONTROL

    Android is NOWHERE near the data_guzzler we make it out to be. it just about your settings, and habits..

  5. I’m getting a feeling of deja vu – wasn’t there a conversation some time ago about Android being a data guzzler? And at the time, hadn’t many of us here concluded that it had more to do with how you use your phone than Android being a data guzzler per se?

    It’s not rocket science; what you do with your phone and its settings (as Martinkem has pointed out) determines how much data a person’s phone will guzzle.

  6. I recently left symbian, I was using a Nokia N8, and there was a time I used up 9gb in a week on that device. Am on Android and I haven’t used that much cause I had to caution myself. Android, symbian or iOS doesn’t consume data as much, it’s users who consume data.

  7. Truth be told, we consume the data ourselves just like all have said. When I got my first android,I used up 500mb in just four days. That month I used about 3Gb of data. Its mainly due to unneccessary downloads, most of which we may have to delete later. Now, I know better and I subscribe to 250mb monthly plan and is enough for me for the month. I use a bb also which makes me use internet on the android only when neccessary.

  8. Thanks guys
    I think there should be an article for newbie android users detailing some of the built in data savings and some other apps that would help yoi manage data.

  9. Thank God I’m not the only one who feels that data consumption on the android has been exaggerated.

  10. By the powers conferred on me, I here by declare this post as post of the month on Mobility Blog.

    I use a android tablet running on ICS 4.0.4, the day I decide to stay off downloading / streaming content online, my data usuage barely crosses the 50mb mark.

    With the right info and how to tweak your phone settings, the right apps and some common sense, you can manage data on Android at a reasonable cost.

  11. My present Galaxy is a wi-fi only device but when I still had the Samsung Galaxy SL, my data increased from 250mb on the older Nokia E72 to 500mb on the Android, mostly because it was much more pleasant browsing on the SL and the allure of d App store was irresistible

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