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New Mobility Nigeria team member, Izi Ehigie, writes about her experiences with the LG GW305. This is her very first article for Mobility Nigeria. – Editor

LG GW305

“I’ll get you a phone”, were the words of my friend. He didn’t have to say “I promise”, but I knew that he meant it and I could hold him to his words. For a while, it didn’t look as if the phone was coming, but I knew it was.

One day, a long while later, my friend asked, ”Do you want a touchscreen phone or one with a QWERTY keypad?” Of course, I wanted one with a hardware QWERTY keypad.

Eventually, on Tuesday 9th of November 2010, I became the proud owner of a phone that I promptly I nicknamed ”GreyBerry.”

I am Izi, and about to give you a personal review of the LG GW305 phone. Roll along with me please.

The LG GW305 is a sleek black phone with a grey-coloured back cover (from where I got the inspiration to name it ”GreyBerry”). It is actually quite lightweight for its size.

Messaging on the LG GW305 is fun with its full QWERTY keypad. the mailbox isn’t quite up there. It seems basic and was unable to retrieve mails from my Yahoo mail account. I don’t know why emoticons were included on this phone when they are not visible in messages received.

One very funny thing about messaging on the GW305 is the delivery report which reads: “Report has been arrived“. Well, I guess that explains why the phone manual has just a few lines of English. Go figure.

Calls on the GW3054 are crisp and clear. There’s a 3.5 mm headset slot, though you cant end a call via the headset. That has to be done on the handset. The phone settings also lets you choose what calls you want to reject.

The large phonebook lets you allocate different funny images to your contacts. These come alive on your homescreen when you choose the Livesquare homescreen option.

Thumbs up for the camera. For a 2.0MP camera, I think it is a good one.

The LG GW305’s games are rather annoying since they are all demos and need to be purchased to enjoy the full packages.

Browsing on my GreyBerry has been the complete package – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What’s good: That I can just pick up my phone and connect to the net.

What’s bad: A lot of sites do not load on this phone.

What’s ugly: Browsing terminates annoyingly without notice, leaving you with the notice, “Insufficient memory, unable to proceed“.

Well, that’s my brief review of the LG GW305. I do hope that you enjoyed reading my amateur effort.


  1. Hey Izi, good to meet you. Finally we get to have a er…different spin on things around here.

    One very funny thing about messaging on the GW305 is the delivery report which reads: “ Report has been arrived“

    Yeah, common failing of a lot of Korean and Chinese phone companies, it’s like the english comes out backwards when they translate. But I should think LG would not be found in that category, maybe that one somehow slipped through the cracks. Bad grammar is one of the major ways I employ in differentiating knockoffs from genuine products.

  2. ‘What’s bad: A lot of sites do not load on this phone.

    What’s ugly: Browsing terminates annoyingly without notice, leaving you with the notice, “Insufficient memory, unable to proceed“.///

    What browser are u yusing on it?

    D right browser should solve both probs, I fink!

  3. I kind of like the intro.

    And i do really like the way the important details were highlighted.

    Form factor, Specification,Pro and the Cons.

  4. A good thing to have a female in the MN TEAM.

    A bold try.

    JUST that you didn’t tell us if the phone was a feature Phone or Smartphone. What OS IT is running, memory and RAM. Or whether it could accept a memory card? Those are important, or don’t you think so. Those are what I first look at when I want to buy a new phone. It’s like a hawk circling the air looking for it’s prey. Or seasoned Marketer bargaining stuff in the market.

    “Insufficient memory, unable to proceed“. That is a similar error message that I get sometimes while using Symbian. Especially when the internal memory is full or almost full. I detest that. Could we thus infer frOM this the the LG GW305 Is a smartphone running an OS?

    On the whole, you did better than one female Tech reporter I follow on PCWorld.

  5. nice review and welcome 2 d crew…just a lil advise, next time, spell out d full specs of d phone before continuing the review…perhaps telling us the phone was 3G and still had a slow crapy browser could ve really helped us understand its a browser problem and not a network problem..but have seen the LG GW305 and i know its just mere EDGE speeds and nothing more..

  6. @AfewGoodmen and @Shayman,

    small small. She has done a good job, for a first timer.

    A breathe of fresh air in the house. soon we would have female commenters here. its not just a mans world.

    That was a great job.

  7. Excellent attempt from a first timer. Keep it up baby. You definitely are going places. Mobilitynigeria has a reputation and with your smart and bold step, you sure will meet up with the standards.

    Now about this phone. It is just the same with the GW300 i once used. Frustrations come with browsing on the native browser. You need to install opera mini to take advantage’of the browsing experience (assuming you are not on MTN). The camera as you mention is good for a 2MP, and the phone is a real beauty. Everything about the phone is same as the GW300 except the new keypad look.

    This is not a smartphone. Memory about 15mb but has ability to take up to 8gb memory card. You may not even touch the internal memory as all things could be installed on the card.

    All in all, a nice phone for less than N18,000 and almost but not quite up to nokia C3.

  8. Not a bad attempt for a start, i believe you can only get better. Some major things u missed out have been highlighted in comments above. What i missed most is the suspence which makes you want to skip to the end. Keep it up and welcome once again.

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