Symbian – the burning platform, as it has been dubbed by no other than Nokia’s own CEO – is getting improvements here and there. Just

Meet Nokia E6 running Symbian Anna

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Symbian – the burning platform, as it has been dubbed by no other than Nokia’s own CEO – is getting improvements here and there. Just recently, Nokia announced a new series of devices running a newer version of Symbian—Belle. Here is the Nokia E6, one of the Nokia Phones that ship with Symbian Anna.

Two days ago, I got a unit of Nokia E61 shipped to me from WOMWorld. I have a few weeks to give my impressions of the device. Let me introduce the darling Nokia E6 to you.

photo 1
Neatly packed in the same flat pack like the Nokia N8. The way Nokia packs its devices these days are neater and sexier.
photo 2
I was delighted, so I opened it. It’s a black unit.
photo 4
The different accessories that came with it - charger, headphone, battery, USB chord and headphone
photo 5
A microSD card wasn’t included. So, I guess it does not come with it. It has an 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM. Accepts microSD of up to 32GB
photo 6
the camera is 8MP full-focus

Setting the phone up to start testing it out was done in a breeze. It asked for my Nokia Ovi account before initialization, but I skipped that stage in a hurry! This did not prevent me from setting up my email and installing my needed applications.

I was excited to find out that Joikuspot came pre-installed in it. I would latter use this to thrill my friend by sharing my internet data with him and he was simply wowed, yes!!!

What are some of my favourite applications and what are my first impressions about the device? I am putting it up nicely, taking photos and testing some of the features I like in a phone. As soon as my review is ready, I will put it up for you to read.

I must say that I picked interest in the phone because I am currently using a Nokia E71 – a QWERTY keypad phone. The combo of the QWERTY and touchscreen are the reasons I decided to take Nokia E6 on a date. I will let you in on how the date is going in my next post.

The only downside of using the Nokia E6 for now is that I have started to touch the screen of my Nokia E71 and my laptop. Of course there are some other downsides too. Make it a date with me in the next post.

Do you prefer a touch-only smartphone or you would rather go for a QWERTY-only or a combo like the E6? What are your reasons?

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  1. I must admit that the idea of a qwerty keypad/touchscreen/bar style phone is a tempting one. I wouldnt mind going for it. I love a phone to be simple and yet big enough for my large digits to be able to navigate easily. While the touchscreen eases my navigation, the physical qwerty keypad is a must for me for texting/messaging/mailing.

  2. “… only downside of using the Nokia E6 for now is that I have started to touch the screen of my Nokia E71 and my laptop….”

    LWKMD!!! Soon you’ll start touching the screen of your television o!

  3. @Amaechi Ilo,

    For continuous texting and typing, the type w do on Blackberry when using messenger, you’ve found the right pick among Nokia.

    Plus, you can type with one hand when you choose to.

  4. Jesse, that was a good first look on the Nokia E7. However, you didn’t mention the screen! That has been the feature that have endeared me to it! Is it better than that of the E71? On paper, the resolution of the E7 is a little higher than that of the iPhone 4. That is the E7 packs in more pixels per square inch than the iphone 4. Jesse, I’d love to have your take on that.

    Secondly, your first look review pushed me back to loving the E7. I’m saying this because the review you recommended to me on twitter made me to have unfavourable opinion of the E7. Therefore I await fervently for your final review and hands-on.

    Good work, Jesse; the King of Twitter!

  5. I don’t know why, but it reminds me a lot of my C7, the back especially. I’m an all touch fan though, been using all touch for 3 years now & can’t think of going back.
    & by the way, Anna’s sexy, though a bit temperamental.

  6. @Amasha I thought I was alone too, until I saw a host of my friends saying it happens to them too.

    What device is your own touch screen? I find typing so fast on the N8 a problem [] , that was why I initially went for the Nokia e71. I am a texter. I email, blog and twitter from my phone.

  7. mhen, that makes us two. Besides… Touch screen seems to be the future. I just saw the sony tablet P with dual screen, I call that proof that touch is the way forward.

    Well, there is nothing wrong with having a keyboard dock, Who knows, my grand ma might want to use it lol no offence

  8. 8 in every 10 smartphone produced is now touch! I still wonder what the craze about touch is all about. I’ve decided my next phone is touch (dont have much choice anyway)…only 2 qwerty phones from nokia in the last 10smartphones released and even far less relatively from samsung and co!

    @jesse…the fastest ever text input was recorded on a Full touch phone. Samsung galaxy S using the swype input method. Its not all about the hardware keys atimes. Just a little ‘getting used to’ and u are Fine..definitely not in just 5days!

  9. And has anyone noticed there’s no smartphone now released without a touchscreen? Even the candybar qwerties Nokia E6, Samsung galaxy M, Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 e.t.c all have Touch technology! That speaks volume about this touch craze!

  10. @twitter_Shay_dude:, tell them dude, tell them!
    Swype has a learning curve. Your spelling ability must be good,- to realp maximum benefit. I also submit that it NOT ONLY the FUTURE, of text input, but also the present.

  11. I use the Nokia C7 but for the past 2weeks Ive been stuck to my E71..I love typing fast even closing my eyes to type and my E71 does that for me…

  12. Haha! The Nokia E7 just the way I love it. Then you would love the Nokia E6 I bet you. The review would be coming up soon.

    But I think touch screen is the future. Anyone using touch as his/her first mobile device will be more comfortable than those of us who have used Key pad as our first device.

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