Meet Omonzua, the passionate Windows Phone fangirl

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I love Windows Phone. At least, so I thought. I was wrong. For over a year, she had been griping about the Android devices that she had owned. She kept on about wanting a Windows Phone. Nothing else would do. She would have a chance to play with a flagship Android smartphone and come off uninterested. How could anyone be this much in love with one platform? There was nothing that anyone could say to get her heart to stop beating for Windows Phone OS.

Eventually, she did get a Windows Phone smartphone, and it has been hallelujah joy for her. Meet Omonzua in all her Windows Phone glory:
Omonzua Windows Phone fangirl

Yes; she is rocking a very sexy Nokia Lumia 720. You can call her Omosexy too. She is single, though it looks to me like she is more in love with Windows Phone than she can ever be with any guy. Perhaps I should post her phone number here for interested guys… Just be ready to compete with that phone. Dazall!

  1. // She is single, though it looks to me
    like she is more in love with Windows
    Phone than she can ever be with any

    Yeah, right!

    Just somniloquizing..

    Can a Windowsphone give emotional support?

    We know the Androids can, but a Windowsphone? Hmm..

  2. “Can a Windowsphone give emotional support?”
    @IBK, the answer to your question is :A trial will convince you.
    Why not just be bold and pick one Lumia?

  3. @Andy, December 26 is just three weeks away. Dash me one, and I will give Windowsphone a spin_see.

  4. To be frank, Nokia and Microsoft thought of Ladies first when designing windowsphone.
    Of all the phones I have used, none attracts the attention of ladies than my Lumia 920.
    When I meet then in offices and drop it on their desk/table most of them either get distracted or confused. They just have to pause the conversation and ask-what type of phone is this?
    Windowsphone for now IMHO is not for hard core geeks, but for ladies and casual users? Its a phone to go/die for.
    so, I am not surprised at all if any lady falls in love with windowsphone.
    lady Lumia, enjoy yourself and your phone jare.

  5. the 11 comandment.
    Thou shalt not buy windows phone for his fiance/girl_friend/wife. Or she falls out of love with you and falls in love with the windows phone.

  6. Please windows phone is to die for both my sis, girlfriend and others I have converted them to windows phone. Non of them ever look back the only complain is them waiting for BBM

  7. I know Bagzton is equally in love with his Windows Phone. Maybe we should introduce him and his phone to Omonzua and her phone – oh to be a fly on the wall for that date… I know the phones will definitely hit it off 😀

  8. I am not sure she loves windows phone the way I do. Replying from my windows phone. When people that work with Nokia see my phone and c d kind of apps on my phone they get thrilled, I even have some tweaks for Nokia windows phone that they tell me they love me to work for Nokia.

  9. Marvis – are you trying to get the attention of Omonzua by way of your love affair with Windows Phone? 😀

  10. So I’ve joined the fam. I never really opted for the big guns of the Lumia family. I always wanted a 720 and I got one. I guess the crush I had on L720 wasn’t a mere delusion. I knew I’ll love it eventually in reality. Now I’m out of my dreams and… I’ve fallen for the Windows Phone OS; Apparently!

    Currently on GDR3 and my lips are craving for 8.1 update.

  11. Hmmm, we always knew this would happen. Windows Phone is worth falling in love with. By the way, Windows Phone fans can join our community on Twitter by following @windowsphonenig. Sorry for advertising, we couldn’t resist.

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