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I never used to be into Newsreaders back when the only blogs I visited were like 3 or at the max 5, but recently I’ve started reading a lot of blogs. This created the need for me to find an appropriate application that I can use to curate all my news sources into one.

In my quest, I encountered apps such as Flipboard and Google Currents, but I wasn’t really satisfied until I discovered Rockmelt. Rockmelt is an awesome curator that allows you to follow tons of your favourite blogs that at the end of the day you might not be able to read it all!


Rockmelt also has Facebook integration so you can read news from links posted by your friends without having to go to Facebook itself, pretty sweet.

If you someone who likes surfing through various blogs daily, you should really consider checking it out as it will satisfy your surfing curiosity. Adding new blogs to your repository is as easy as tapping Follow.

You can get Rockmelt for your respective platforms below and it is even available on the web too!

Download Rockmelt for Android | Download Rockmelt for iOS | Visit Rockmelt on the web

  1. Hav installed dis rockmelt but i cant realy understand it. cud u pls educate me on hw to use it

  2. @paeffiong It’s a news reader. They start you up with a few suggested sources, depending on the areas of interests you indicate. You can also add your own new sources, by using the search function. You can either enter the name of the blog, or enter the url directly and then click the ‘+’ or ‘follow” button to add it to your sources. The advantage of a news reader is that instead of you having to visit so many websites to read articles, you can see all your articles in one place, in chronological order. Have I managed to clarify or confuse you?

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