At the iDEA 2013 hackathon cometition held at Tinapa, Calabar, the Le-Media app was picked as the best app produced at the event. Le Media

Meet Team Eagle, winners of the iDEA 2013 hackathon

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At the iDEA 2013 hackathon cometition held at Tinapa, Calabar, the Le-Media app was picked as the best app produced at the event. Le Media was developed by Team Eagle, which consisted of the following individuals: Aboluwarin Olaoluwa David (20 years old), Banjo Mofesola Paul (20 years old), and Oladapo Oluwadara Glory (21 years old). David is a Certified Web component developer from NIIT (2009), and like the other members of the team, also a 3rd Year Computer Science Student at Federal University of Technology Akure.

We had a brief opportunity to ask Team Eagle a few questions about their participation in the competition
iDEA Tinapa

How did you form the team?

We met at the Federal University of Technology, Akure during our first year in school as friends working on different IT Projects. One or two things brought us together, there after we felt a strong need to concert efforts to achieving mutual goal. After prayers and direction from the Holy Spirit we formed a team called Team Eagle that represented the school in several competitions, recently the team has grown to a full-fledged company called TEAM EAGLE COMPANY LTD. with the passionate desire to providing solutions to problems using Technology. Our international office is domiciled in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria with branches in Osogbo, Lagos and Ibadan.

What are the roles of each team member?

David: Team Leader, Strategist and Business Manager
Paul: Technical Manager
Dara: Resource Manager

What are your plans for continuity and to leverage on the success at Tinapa?

What is of importance is the fact that we have been working on projects before the event at Tinapa and despite our success, which of course we attribute to God, we still have solutions to deliver which have timelines. The hackathon was just one of those good platforms where we get privileged to showcase the ideas God gives us.

What were the specific challenges faced at the hackathon, and how were those challenges solved?

There wasn’t much of a challenge during the hackathon as we have trained ourselves to working on projects with short delivery timelines. We had good space to work, and we had good internet access. We also had the privilege of working with seasoned judges during the event. We consider this a great point considering the caliber of judges we have encountered at similar events.

What are the lessons that you took away from your involvement in the hackathon?

Well, I can’t say what lessons other teams learnt, but for us what the whole event reminded us of, was the fact that we shouldn’t take our focus of God, we constantly prayed in tongues as we worked all through the 42 hours. Another thing I think was a lesson learnt was that one should always take advantage of the wisdom of elderly people around you and that no one is an island of all knowledge. We had the privilege of asking questions from the facilitators during the development process of the software, and their responses served us in good stead during the event.

  1. Praise God! You guys have some balls to openly attribute your successess to the speaking in unknown tongues

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