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Pliris Blaze XT

We brought you a peek of the PlirisBlaze X some weeks back. Today, we offer you a peek of a soon-to-launch sister smartphone, the Blaze XT.

The Blaze XT is a 6-inch Android 4.3 phone powered by a 1.5 quad-core processor. In the package are also NFC & 2GB RAM! There is 32GB internal storage on board, and the rear camera has a dual LED flash. The XT also comes integrated with Teasy Mobile Money’s service such that you can swipe the phone to make mobile money payments. Basically, your PlirisBlaze XT is a mobile POS.

Pre-orders for the Blaze XT are already on and cost N65,000. To pre-order, send an email to info @ with “Blaze XT Pre-order”as the subject.


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  1. isnt N65K on the high side for the phone? it doesnt look spectacular to worth the amount to me o.

  2. this is a great device . really proud of this guys. And I think it looks premium. The price is a little high though. May be till we have the rest of the spec.

  3. Full detailed specs needed (GSMArena style) ’cause from where I’m sitting, this device is over priced 🙁

  4. Its quite commendable that nigerian companies are making phones,but 65k??? I know it has decent specs and all,but that appears overpriced for a phone targetted @ the nigerian market
    If I had 65k,why wouldn’t I go for samsung or sony xperia?
    One of these days,these nigerian smartphone coys should tell us how many units of their devices have been actually sold!!!

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