At the iDEA 2013 hackathon cometition held at Tinapa, Calabar, the EduCare app took second place at the event. The team behind this app was

Meet the team behind EduCare, first runners up at the iDEA Hackathon 2013

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iDEA-Team5-EduCare 1st runner up

At the iDEA 2013 hackathon cometition held at Tinapa, Calabar, the EduCare app took second place at the event. The team behind this app was made up of two people: Tiamiyu Mubarak Damilare an d Uwaje Esther, aged 24 and 26 respectively. Tiamiyu holds a B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (Hons.), Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP), Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator (OCPDBA), and is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA UK) Supervisor. Uwaje Kesther holds a Diploma in Applied Microbiology – 2007, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with Statistics.

After the competition was over, we sat down to ask the team a few questions.

How did you form the team?

We formed the team on site through networking because we shared the same view about the idea behind the solution, which was centered on responding to the health needs and challenges of Nigerian Citizens.

What were the responsibilities of each team member?

Tiamiyu served as our Programmer, Software Layout Designer, Software Designer and Tester, Business Plan person, and Spokesman.

Uwaje handled Program flow Architecture, Graphics Enhancement, Code Validation, Software Testeing, Multimedia adjustments, Business Plan Formulation, and Drafting Proof-Reading.

What are your plans for continuity and to leverage on the success at Tinapa?

We plan to produce of a Pilot Prototype and to commercialize the Application/solution. Our goal is to deploy and utilize it in life environments to solve problems.

What were the specific challenges faced at the hackathon, and how were those challenges solved?

Our first challenge was the absence of Hackathon Tool Server and Internet connectivity at the Hackathon Event Centre.
Solution: we had to use our own mobile phone subscriptions to serve as mobile internet hotspot for our team and for some other teams before the organizers looked into the matter.

Secondly, the absence of neutral Laptop/ PCs to work with. We believe in such events the neutral Laptops/PCs to be used should be provided by the facilitator and not be the individuals’ PCs so as not to give room for some teams to leverage on some of their finished projects and present them as new. However, this will be conditioned on the availability of a Central Server for comprehensive Tool access to ALL contestants. And also for accurate documentation of the developed solutions for the subsequent set of people coming.
Solution: we had to use our own PCs.

What are the lessons each team learnt from their experience at the hackathon?

We learnt the power of dedication and focus. What could have taken months to develop, we developed within 42 hours of concerted non-stop effort – motivated by the reward and incentive expected from the Hackathon. It brought out the spirit of achievement through organised Team hard-work. We also learnt how to multi-task and the logic of how to think locally to the needs of Nigerians.

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