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    I saw this online and i don’t know how true it is.

    How to test your Internet speed
    By Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr

    Can you say for sure how fast your Internet is?

    Your service provide may have told you that you are 3G or 4G but is that really true?

    Truth is that you may not be getting the exact Internet speed you are paying for and its your right to ask questions but you must also have an evidence to back up your claim. One simple way to achieve this is to test your internet speed and endeavour to take a screenshot of the result to serve as evidence.

    Here’s what I do personally, if I need to complain to my provider:

    First, I stop any form of Internet activities on my device, if you allow any form of activity in the background, then, the test result will be poor.

    Next is to visit a connection testing site like and if you have the mobile version, then it makes it easier.

    What I do next is that I take a screenshot of multiple test results which I then email to the provider along with my complain – this way they have no choice but to look into it because its backed with an evidence.

    Note: if you choose to use this service, then you must understand that a minimum 10MB might be lost because the service will attempt to upload and download at maximum speed for several seconds with the aim to max out your connection. This is what makes the results fairly accurate.

    Hope you found this useful? Now you can hold your service provider accountable.