The Merkury Innovations Motion X wireless earbuds have a catchy design, not to mention a range of very catchy colour options. You have five colours to pick…

Merkury Innovations Motion X wireless earbuds review

The Merkury Innovations Motion X wireless earbuds have a catchy design, not to mention a range of very catchy colour options. You have five colours to pick from – green, blue, pink, green, and black. The unit we have in the house is pink.


The sales box of the Motion X earbuds is a very much in line with the design language of the earbuds themselves. It is a very bright, attractive white and pink box.

In the box, we found the earbuds, a micro-USB charging cable, a guide, and two extra sets of silicone tips. Not bad.


motion x wireless earbuds package sales box

Pairing The Merkury Innovations Motion X wireless earbuds

Pairing the earbuds with a smartphone is a pretty straightforward process. It is the same standard pairing process: press and hold the power button till the LED light stops flashing. Then initiate pairing from the phone.


The earbuds support phone calls, media playback, and contact sharing. I am still not sure what the “contact sharing” profile is used for on Bluetooth headsets. I once looked it up and didn’t find anything. I will set out time to research it someday.

Usage and Sound Quality

Audio volume and quality of the Merkury Innovations Motion X wireless earbuds is quite good. There is ample amount of bass, though there is some slight distortion, especially higher volumes.

Looking at the size of the pods, you might be worried about the comfort of the earbuds. But the silicone tips are surprisingly comfortable and the pods have rubber hooks keep the earbuds in place. Both earbuds are connected by a cable that you wear around your neck.

merkury innovations motion x wireless earbuds around neck

The manufacturer claims a Bluetooth range of less than 10 metres. And lastly, a fully charged battery will give you just less than four hours of continuous playback.

These earbuds cost around $40 (NGN14,000) but are often available at discount prices depending on where you look.

Final Words

I do not think it is a good idea to have earbuds plugged into both your ears while driving – or while doing most other things. You will miss out on a lot of sounds around you that serve as guides and warnings if you do. As such, if you are going to use the Motion X earbuds while driving, it is best practice to leave one ear unplugged.

Personally, I prefer to use a regular one-ear Bluetooth headset when driving. You may not nitpick over that as much as I do.


My experience when wearing this is that the ladies tend to prefer it. Is it the pink colour of our set? Perhaps; perhaps it is more than that. The Motion X wireless earbuds invite you to live a little – in a colourful way.

I think that is a good thing. If pink is not your thing, try blue, green, or red. You are not James Bond after all; and it can’t hurt to draw some attention to yourself in this crowded world; can it? However, if that is not your thing, the black colour is there to rescue you.

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