We know that not all our readers believe in or celebrate Christmas. Still, it doesn’t hurt to wish you all peace, love, joy and all

Merry Christmas – And Your Phone Of The Year!

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We know that not all our readers believe in or celebrate Christmas. Still, it doesn’t hurt to wish you all peace, love, joy and all good things this season and beyond.

Do kick back, relax, spend time with your loved ones, and have a fun-filled Christmas time!

Phone Of The Year?

To spice this season up, we are giving you all the opportunity to vote for your phone of the year 2011. You can only mention one device. One. It doesn’t matter when it was released. Tell us one device that has so impressed you this year that you’d like it to wear the crown of the “Mobility Blog Phone Of The Year 2011”.

We will collate the results before the year runs out and announce it here on Mobility blog. So, give it a shot now!

Ho ho ho!

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S2 (by default)

    {samsung galaxy note is meant to be the winner though but thats a device in a world of its own.. a hybrid of a tablet and a smartphone….. phoblet}

  2. talk about phone of the year, i will give it to motorola droid razr!! it has the world most supreme design and has a lot of good features(like most androids) plus it stands out from any other devices when placed together.merry christmas to y’all.

  3. sorry to appear here a second time. I have been using the nokia n8 (running symbian anna) since yesterday. We have been having discussions lately on android vs symbian. Though some improvements over the old symbian, its so far behind my sgs2. Other than battery efficiency and data mgt, the sgs2 is better in everything else. I can see the n8 is very popular here. The users should try sgs2, they will never return back to their n8 again.

  4. i agree with belushi…
    with symbian/nokia, its archival in nature and simply gives you a phone experience…
    with samsung galaxy S2 & Samsung galaxy note,its a brand/whole new world of mobile telephony;more like a mobile computer experience.
    for Android, the the processing speed is decisive and of course requires power.. the data management can easily be contained
    symbian is yesterday, Android is tomorrow

  5. @ Belushi I don’t agree with you, you have been using an N8 running (crappy) Symbian Anna for barely 24 hrs and you have already concluded the sgs2 beats the N8. I’v been using the N8 since last year and I must tell you it’s a bad guy, I was frustrated with the OS before updating to Belle and since then I’v had no complaints. I’ll go for the N8 obviously.

  6. The Samsung Galaxy SII.

    Yes, the N8 has a great camera and the iPhone 4S has Siri but the GSII has everything I want.

  7. @telneting, are you saying the symbian Anna is a crappy firmware? I don’t think so. It was once reviewed on MN and most symbian fans here celebrated it.

    Just as I mentioned, its much better than the old symbian. Though I had it for almost two days, I tried using virtually all its features. Good camera, but the sgs2 is better with night mode & no flash. Free voice navi, Better battery and data mgt. But when compared to sgs2, it has a lot of catching up to do. Touch sensitivity (doesn’t register fast enough on N8), super amoled plus screen provides better viewing, keyboards are better on sgs2 (not just because of the bigger screen), switching screen orientation is crappy, music sounds better on sgs2 (movie sounds are even much better), Google maps has more details, apps are better on android while some I can’t find on Nokia store like thisdaylive. I also missed the notification bar on my sgs2 while using the N8. There are several other reasons why sgs2 is better for me.

    I do appreciate the improvements in symbian Anna though.

    Like the wifi connection is better handled than on previous versions but a lot of work still needs to be done. But I guess they wont be pumping money into R&D for symbian anymore since windows phone has come to the rescue. You will notice I have changed back to my sgs2. That N8 was killing my style, had to give it back to the owner (who didn’t want to give up my sgs2…lol)

  8. The Nokia N9 is ‘my’ choice… There’s about 10 iterations of the Galaxy S II, dunno which one to choose.

  9. Guys trolling n8 never know what Nokia belle was! I bet carla updates for n8 would teach ur GS ll a real OS lesson

  10. Nokia N8.
    Got a chance to play with the Galaxy S2 last night and apart from the large screen,I wasn’t too impressed.

  11. Tough choice btw samsung galaxy s2 and iphone4s but ultimate the samsung wins. Give it up to SGS2!

  12. Nokia X2-01 opened my world. After d purchase of Snaptu App by Facebook which was folloed by the removal ofThe Twitter App in Snaptu,finding a suitable Twitter App has been Difficult.I will appreciate any suggestion of a good Twitter App.Thanks

  13. All SGS 2 fans should note that iphone 4s has a better camera. Second only to n8. Check reviews on slashgear.com and techradar.com.

    Add that to siri, market and the retina display, you have awesomeness

  14. @drNO, iphone4s is quite alluring, especially with siri. But still an iPhone; 3.5′ is too small for my thumbs and viewing content. I can share anything with anyone, anywhere and at anytime with sgs2. I can customize anything. i am not at the mercy of iTunes.

    Tweaking is easier on android than apple. Resolution is higher on iphone4s but I ain’t missing anything with super amoled plus. The camera is better on iphone4s,but by a small margin. i love my fm radio which apple cant give,the list is endless.

  15. @DRNO, I forgot to add, check out this drop test btw iphone4s and sgs2 m.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&hl=en-GB&client=mv-google&v=elKxgsrJFhw

    tell me which is more durable.

  16. I’ve used and played with many phones on 2011. My best will go to the Samsung Galaxy Gio.

    it opened my eyes to the Android world and kept me busy with apps and entertainment. It would have been the Galaxy SII for me, but I’m yet to use it.

    So my vote goes to the tiny capable midget Samsung Galaxy Gio.

  17. For me a smartphone is a smartphone – as long as it has the necessary apps available to tap and harness its power.

    Hardware do not excite me. Software do!

    My Nokia 5800, with the diverse array of software-has served, and is still serving me wella..

    The ONLY reason I would change it is for a bigger screen size- and more memory..

  18. @Jesse Oguntimehin

    Really interesting. Where you able to solve the mail problem you mentioned in a comment last time?

  19. @Eye.bee.kay

    Hardware do not excite me . Software do!

    My Nokia 5800 , with the diverse array of
    software -has served, and is still serving me
    wella ..

    The ONLY reason I would change it is for a
    bigger screen size – and more memory..

    What a little contradiction there. Or maybe screen and memory are not hardwares or rather they are softwares in your books. lol.

  20. @harry / Austine, , no contradiction there.
    MERELY said, ‘Hardware do not excite me . Software do!’

    Never said hardware does not matter.

    Disambiguation. Remember?

  21. @Eye.bee.kay

    no contradiction there . MERELY said , ‘Hardware do not excite me . Software do!’

    Never said hardware does not matter.

    Disambiguation . Remember?

    If you mentioned NFC or FM transitter, I would have seen why it mattered, but going for screen – larger screen size and memory – larger memory, two things that are already integral part of your phone only says you are not going for them because of necessity but rather because you are excited about larger screen and memory. After all your present device in all its composition is serving you well. Didn’t you say?

    Disambiguation or rather obfuscation?

  22. @Harry, I said this once.

    Give me a Nokia 5800 with more RAM and a 4.3′ screen, and I would use it forever.
    Okay- I am exaggerating..for loooongg..
    I do not lust after new tech / hardware just for its own sake..

    Just as some people are hardware junkies, i happen to love well_made functional software.-believing That software is the power behind the throne of most computing systems

    Most people would hold on to their devices longer if they knew how to get the most outta their investment.

    Apart from occasional new technologies, a phone is like any other phone (just like a modern car is generally like any other modern car). The devil is Just in the details.

    The distinguishing factor is the functionality you derive from your phone-via the power of software.

    Photography interests me NOT, NFC has little relevance now-here- there are alternatives to an fm transmitter for in-car entertainment..

  23. @Eye.Bee.Kay I’m really surprised at the fact that you’re still trying to defend yourself. Harry has gotten you here. It’s like he has shot you point blank with your own bullets so I do not see any avenue of escape this time! This is far different from JujuKemist claiming that “was” is different from “is”.

    If you preferred a Nokia 5800 with a 4.3 inch screen with more RAM, then for Pete’s sake it means unambiguously that you’ve said in very clear terms that you’re due for an upgrade! You do not find the Hardware specifications of the 5800 to be meeting your needs anymore.

    Even if you deny this, at least by your own words here, you are considering it as an option. Or tempted at it for the very least.

    Perhaps you should do what Mr. Mobility stated earlier! Upgrade to a Symbian ^3 phone!

    I don’t altogether blame your stance. I for one do not upgrade as often as Mr. Mobility does because of financial reasons at times or because of sentiments or getting too used to a platform. But it’s always better to try another platform. To see what First hand whether that platform is as good or better than yours. Or to dimiss it as just fanfare. Or Hype.

    You can at least upgrade one in 3 years. That way you’ll not be too far left behind! And yes, I agree with you that a 2.8 inch or 3.2 inch screen looks minuscule on a smartphone these days. Even the 3.5 inch iPhone 4s got me somehow discouraged!

    That’s my point. over to you.

  24. @afewgoodmen was I claiming? do i have the power or authority to manipulate the ENGLISH language.we all learnt it,some times in our hurried move to shoot we end up shooting ourselves.This is a powerful blog,even by the quality of contributions.such MUST be sustained.
    Especially from you. sir!
    Again eyebeekey must learn to cordinate his submissions.so much picked holes

  25. @afewgoodmen I had thought you woild invite me over for chrismas,after telling you my GPS location?

  26. @JujuKemist It never crossed my mind. That would have been nice to someone as erudite as ou over for Christmas. However, we could work towards Easter. Or what do you think?

    By the way, your point above is well taken. You can argue conclusively that “was” isn’t the same thing as “is” and you wouldn’t be wrong. Your arsenals are well marshalled out and as a good warrior, you always have an exit strategy, to retreat so as to fight again another day. It’s like the James Bond movie “Die Another Day”.

  27. d summary of the last 6posts simply states that samsung galaxy S2 is the much desired choice..
    lets drop the display of grammatical competence and focus on the primary subject of discussion on this forum

  28. lets drop the display of grammatical competence and focus on the primary subject of discussion on this forum


    Thank you for stating it well. The grammar is too much. This is Mobility blog, not Grammar school.

  29. everybody want he/her phone 2 win MN phone of d year. Lets be realistic…….. Answer dis qtns
    hw many device did u use dis year?
    Dat am using nokia E6 makes it my phone of d year?
    Some of us using symbian haven’t try android vise versa……..
    But seem like samsung galaxy s2 is leading and 4 dat i join d winning team and 4 dat am leaving symbian 4 android next year,..

    Samsung galaxy s2

    anybody wanna sell his pls…………

  30. Tornado : noun

    But seem like samsung galaxy s2is leading and 4 dat i join d winning team and 4 dat am leaving symbian 4 androidnext year,..

    Synonym : traitor, Judas, betrayer


  31. @mr mobility, i hope u can read all dis names(abuse) am been called by e.k.b at this end of d year.
    Mr mobility e.k.b deserve cautions pls, lets nt turn dis forum 2 something else,.

    Cheers, and happy new year in advance …..

  32. tornado,

    I read EyeBeeKay’s comment directed at you as a humorous jab. He wasn’t being serious, in my opinion.

    But just in case I read wrong, EyeBeeKay, please address the brother’s grievance.

  33. @tornado, do not be so tempestuous! (another abuse?).

    I was just kidding o. No offence meant. Seriously!

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