There have been some leaked info on new features coming to Windows Phone in version 8. My heart initially skipped a beat, as I hoped

Microsoft Adds Everything To Windows Phone But The Things We Want

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There have been some leaked info on new features coming to Windows Phone in version 8. My heart initially skipped a beat, as I hoped that the core features that were keeping many of us “free spirits” from adopting Windows phone would be on the list.

Well, I was disappointed. Here are the leaked features:

Data Smart. A way to actively save cellular data when possible and avoid “bill shock”. Microsoft (not coincidentally) just blogged about this feature in relation to Windows 8. Re-read that post and think about how a smart phone would need/use exactly the same functionality. Data Smart can be extended by wireless carriers to integrate with their offered data plans.

App-to-App communication. Because Windows Phone 8 apps, like Windows 8 apps, are sandboxed from each other, this new system will provide a Windows 8 contracts-like app-to-app communications capabilities.

Internet Explorer 10 Mobile. Windows Phone 8 will continue to used a highly tuned version of IE which utilizes the latest web technologies.

Shared components with Windows 8. The kernel, multi-core processor support, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies are all coming to Phone from Windows 8.

Companion experiences with Windows 8. Microsoft is offering a very similar user experience across phone (Windows Phone 8), PC (Windows 8), and TV (Xbox vNext). Pocketnow says there will be a new sync client, and not Zune PC software, though I can’t confirm that part, and a set of common cloud services that will work across all three. This includes the ability to sync content (photos, music, movies) between the three screens, phone management from PC or web, shared content between each device, and Xbox LIVE games, entertainment, and more.

SkyDrive integration. Microsoft will make your content available on all of its platforms via SkyDrive.

Skype app. Still a separate but better app and not integrated into OS. Still optional.

NFC and Wallet. Windows Phone 8 will allow users to securely pay and share via NFC and manage an integrated Wallet experience.

Local Scout. Now with personal recommendations.

Camera improvements. New “lens apps” and a far more powerful camera experience.

Business features. Windows Phone 8 will include full-device, hardware accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities, just like Windows 8. Also, it will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities. Businesses will be able to distribute phone apps privately as they can with Windows 8 apps.

You can get more details of the leak on WinSuperSite.

There. Microsoft is adding the most sophisticated features on the planet to windows Phone, but leaving out two simple features that could turn the fortunes of Windows Phone around.

Still Missing

  1. USB Mass Storage
  2. Bluetooth File Transfer e.g. of music, videos, and pictures
  3. Lack of support for J2ME/Java

How hard can it be to add these two simple features?

Microsoft sure are acting strange. Can I say this: You are not Apple. Wake up!!!!

Sorry, guys. I like the Metro UI on Windows Phone. I like some other neat integrations. But, sorry, its not good enough for many of us yet.


  1. That’s a way of tying the consumers to their platform and services. If you have a lot of your stuff in their cloud service, you will definitely find it more difficult moving to another platform than when you can easily back things up locally.

    Reducing the viral distribution of contents purchased from their content store is another reason for not including these vital features. The more annoying consequence of this approach is that this also makes it impossible or very difficult for users to put things they already have locally into the device they duly purchased or legally a sharing them with their friends and loved ones. It is now all about creating the kind of locked down ecosystem that guarantees similar profit margin that Apple is seeing now. It is less about the consumer even though they would tell us that all this is in effort to protect the consumers.

    Apple is already in the leadership position and can afford to do a lot of sh*t and get away with it. For Microsoft, there is going to be the deuce to pay getting up there, and this by extension is going to hurt Nokia seriously.

  2. Microsoft has the opportunity to take a cue from the open source community and make a great product that’ll have be an hybrid of the major smartphones.But I guess like minds (Apple and Microsoft) think alike.Once PROPRIETARY always PROPRIETARY

  3. Come on, i think microsoft has done justice to the windows phone OS wit this release, somethings aren’t that necessary, bluetooth isn’t, neither is mass storage… Its perfect this way!!

  4. somethings aren’t that necessary, bluetooth isn’t, neither is mass storage…Its perfect this way!!,

    If you say ‘not ESSENTIAL ‘, I may just let that statement roll away harmlessly.


    OBLIGATORY, requisite, required, compulsory, mandatory, imperative, needed, de rigueur; essential, indispensable, vital.
    2 a necessary

    So- the way things are, how do i transfer data from device to device, if / when i do not have internet access?

    Mass Storage
    Bluetooth File Transfer are so VITAL it mind_befuddling how MicroSoft could have dared to leave out these features.

    In this part of the world (where internet connectivity is shaky), this is DOA -dead_on_arrival….

  5. One single piece of good news in this whole thing is that Windows Phone 8 would most likely be supporting WiFi Direct just like Windows 8, but unfortunately, that support is likely to be only between other devices that also have WiFi Direct support and in extreme case, only between Microsoft products.

  6. Well if microsoft has lured nokia to believe they can sheep every one anyhow in this ever changing mobile market with samsung &sony ready to show their strength,then they have miscalculated.I think i will also need Fm trasmitter&HDMI port added.

  7. Windows Phone 8 would most likely be supporting WiFi Direct just like Windows 8

    Well- if WP7it does eventually support wifi direct (, that would be a good thing.

    Just like infra-red was left behind, and supplanted with Bluetooth, maybe Microsoft is trying to push the frontiers of technology by skipping Bluetooth 3.0 altogether.

    It is just that the strategy would alienate lots of ‘older’ non wifi_direct compliant devices- a risky Banville!

  8. Mass storage ain’t on the list.., but there is memory card support, dat should do i think.

    @ Eee.bee.kay
    alright lets say that bluetooth is necessary, perhaps it will be added in future

    can someone pls define mass storage? Cos if u ask me, no memory card, no mass storage, so wit memory card u can play your files in ur dvd or tv without needin “mass storage” #hopeImadeSENSE

  9. There is support for removable storage media (SD) on the list. In my view, that can play the role of mass storage as well as a means of transferring files (cumbersome but practicable)

  10. I see a future where samsung or sony displace nokia in nigeria and other emerging markets. With this awkward WP7…..i shake me head for nokia!

  11. the more reason Nokia shouldn’t stop producing their Nokia phones. You cannot possibly get fans that have been taking all these features for granted on symbian to now buy a WP7 device without them. I am still hanging on to the hope of Microsoft adding these features someday. Then, I will buy one. Users in this part of the world need to have their Bluetooth to transfer. sharing or transferring through cloud (internet) is expensive and unreliable here.

  12. Pocketnow and Engadget also says MicroSD support has been added for expandable storage.

    Not bad but they are not there yet.

  13. Bluetooth. This is a major ‘No-No’ for me. When Microsoft decides to be reasonable then i can ‘think’ of the Lumias, HTC; Titan, Radar et al.

    To Microsoft:
    Seriously, its just bluetooth technology. We aren’t asking for a Time travel device are we? Sheesh!

    Then the idea of Zune irritates me as much as Samsung Kies (erm..what is LG’s called again?)

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